I kenna pwn badly -_-
My character so ugly ;x;x I think I selected wrongly when I chose it for the first time T_T
This nice person, SeaGates, resurrected me and gave me half of all her money. However, I died again and once again, all my properties go to her.
Now she’s battling with another person.
This game is somehow monopoly-like, with a little comical touch with the “aunties” talking -_-

Just now Kim Yao went to push my pencil box onto the floor and everything fell. Luckily my whole puncher did not, or else I will kill him. He should be glad that I did not shout or do anything to him because I knew I had to remain calm and composed at that moment. Or else, I’d made sure he was sorry for what he did.

I ate 2 curry buns just now, and I’m craving for more because I’m hungry, whatever.
You see, my dinner, I didn’t eat much.. If only there were leftover prawns.
This will be my last post of the day.. So like what I did yesterday, I shall post a tempting picture!
It’s up to you if you want to scroll down or not ;o
I know it’s always Japanese food and it’s getting boring, but most people fall victim to it what ;D
& I know it’s pixellated. But whatever. :/


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