Since so many people are so curious to know who Shindong is, and Zhi Xun is insisting that he is NOT Shindong, I shall show you people who he is and how the name came about (if I told you before already, don’t care because I shall repeat myself once again :D)

Here are some pictures for eye-candy first, or maybe not? ;x


It all came about when we were playing the 2nd session of badminton @ Clementi CC. Zhi Xun came in his Junior 23 T-shirt, which had the word ‘Junior’ on it, obviously. Then my sister told me that everytime she see him, she gets reminded of Super Junior. So she did the fun task of naming everyone a particular Super Junior member. Wei Jie was Zhou Mi, Kim Yao was Kyuhyun, Gordon was Ryeowook & Zhi Xun was Shindong! & the reason why I remember Shindong most because Shindong is very cute hahahah!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, I’m saying he’s cute is because of his size, and this reminds me of what happened during PE just now! MM was saying that if you are fat and when you go into Secondary 1, nobody will ever say you are cute anymore unlike when you are still in the Lower Primary hahha!!!!
So funny!!!!!! PE we played volleyball. As usual, I was stoning. Unless the ball comes, I won’t catch. And everytime the ball comes, I siam and Clarice or Medeline will go pick up hahahahaha πŸ˜€

Okay nothing else. Bye ;O enjoy the Shindong pictures hahaha!!!!

Since Kim Yao was asking who was Kyuhyun, I thought I shall uplaod the pictures of the others too. But I shall only upload one picture of each because Shindong is my main focus on this post!! XD You want to know more you go do a Yahoo search yourself.



Zhou Mi

Enjoy! If you think they are too handsome to be those mentioned, yep I agree totally πŸ™‚


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