Just now, Kim Yao & I were having a ‘mini-debate‘ on Higher Mother Tongue, “re-kindling” the memories (pui I wouldn’t call it memory but I don’t know what word is better) Goh Wei Ling, Priya & I had last year while folding straw stars. Was arguing about Chinese once again, about it not being so important because we only need to learn how to converse with others with it. Of course, it’s only important for exams 😉
Eventually, I won! 😀 & he said is because he has no more energy to continue LOL!

Anyone has a PLAIN Picture Discussion picture to provide me? I don’t have one and even after surfing the internet for it I also don’t have. & I don’t want to take the Chinese one because it’s all cluttered and it’s not similar to that of what we have for English because it’s completely different.

I shall go continue my web surfing. But before I do that, here’s another picture of food ;D (this may not necessarily be the last post of the day)

From Wisma Food Court from a random Flickr profile… here I present to you my favourite meal that may not necessarily be costly. Sushi is costly. But this is delicious yet cheap….


Heheee~~~ Not quite tempting but I love it! Okay bye.


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