Money No Enough 2

Hello piglets, I’m back from Cineleisure Cathay Cineplex πŸ˜€ I was telling Kim Yao that I was going to watch Money No Enough 2 and he wanted to tag along. So, sister & I were “dressing up” while Kim Yao was already at the MRT LOL! (because I told him to do so lol)

So we hurried up and reached the MRT, I saw Kim Yao sms-ing someone while walking and he didn’t pay attention to his surroundings so he didn’t see us. My sister shouted, “Kim Yao!” and he gave the shocked face and ran around to follow us to buy bubble tea for my sister. At the exit, my sister changed her mind and said she didn’t want to buy bubble tea anymore -_- So we walked back to the bus stop and we took 106.

I was then telling my sister how nerd Kim Yao was because even at outside, he brings his homework and he saves problem sums in his handphone when he is free so that he could attempt them =.=

On the bus, Kim Yao sat alone with another person and did his homework -__- (thank me for not revealing your secret about what you were doing) Then we alighted at Lucky Plaza and headed for Cineleisure where we bought the tickets of F13, F14 and F15.

Pictures here πŸ˜€ Kim Yao took away F15 because he wanted to keep it for himself. So I have only F13 and F14 with me.


After on, I told Kim Yao that I was going to bring him to a place where he had never gone before. He was exclaiming, “House of Condoms?!?!” That was M18 material. I told him not to be so sick HAHAA~

We walked to Heeren HMV where my sister bought 2 Super Junior albums. She accidentally walked down to the 1st level and after that, realised that K-Pop was on the 3rd level so we stupidly took the escalator up immediately after we went down -_- Kim Yao said it was very exciting. Afterwards, he was bored and started walking around looking at all the Korean dramas which he had seen before(?)

Then my sister presented the cashier with a $20 note and the cashier was like “eh, δΊŒεε— leh” She then told me that the cashier acted like he had never seen a $20 note before LOL
Erm afterwards we went back to Cineleisure and walked around. We entered More than words where we saw a lot of pig piggybanks, care bears and even a Croc Shoes keychain, LOL! Afterwards I couldn’t stop laughing and I posed with several bear heads that Kim Yao retardedly took a picture of. I told him to keep away from me because it was embarrassing to have him around πŸ˜›

We then went to the 6th level. On our way, we saw a lot of places and one of them was Suki Buffet which we said was pirated sushi 😑 (no offence) because Sakae Sushi is always the best πŸ˜€ Pictures!

and waited for the movie while we shared the contacts on our handphone that we had. He had 22 classmates, and I had 23 LOL he said it was injustice! Then he had a lot that I didn’t have and I had a lot that he didn’t have πŸ˜› Soon, Hall 1 was opened and we could go in for the movie screening. We bought Medium Popcorn and Kim Yao had Sprite and my sister & I shared F&N Zapple. Afterwards, we went in and enjoyed a long time of commercials. The movie started and we left with only half of the popcorn left =.=

Soon the movie started with a good start LOL At first we had the ‘We are Singapore’ converted version into Hokkien then we had the ERP thing on the lifts and everywhere. It was so funny can! Then Kim Yao kept doing his contagious laugh and I laughed together with it then after that no one in the theatre was laughing except us -_- And he laugh so loud it echo-ed throughout the whole theatre. Very embarrassing one can?

Then I shall not share with you about the movie because you shall go watch it yourself but I teared a little at the ending when the mother died due to her care for her children & she collapsed all because she knew she was being sent into the Old Folks’ Home ): I wonder if Kim Yao cried, haha.

Then we went to Heeren and found out that Action City was closed down already so while we were walking down the stairs, my sister told me that she saw Paul Twohill. When I looked back, he stared at me and I was like, “You sure bo?!?” I was quite shocked and Kim Yao said he didn’t know who is Paul Twohill -_- Mountain tortoise. Then she said she wanted to take a picture with him -.-“

Okay after that we made our way to the MRT with aching feet. Kim Yao then took the MRT to Toa Payoh where we made our way to the bus stop to take 106 home. And after that at the traffic light, 106 arrived and my sister and I ran together for the bus. Luckily, it was still there and we could catch it (:

& we finally went home for the day and had duck rice as dinner (: Then I ate 2 more buns because I forgot to eat it during National Day celebration in school this morning 😑
I was wearing the white jumper but I replaced the red shirt with a blue shirt because today was not National Day xD

& did anyone watch the Beijing Olympics? I missed the opening ceremony because I was still on the bus stoning. 😑

The food today?
What will we have today?


Call it Mango Ice or Ice Mango or however you want it.
This is a delicious but fattening dessert that I like a lot especially the one in Marina Square’s Food Court even though it’s expensive.
It’s simply delicious (: Enjoy yourself with it hahah. Bye πŸ˜€


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