National Day celebration.

I wore my jumpers to school today as I mentioned and I met Clarice outside the lift at 6.55pm where we happily walked to the playground to wait for the two princesses with Auntie Eunice & Keith.
So we went to the playground and soon.. two princesses came with their mothers and brothers(?)
We walked to school and I found out I was the only one who brought the-forbidden-item.
So we walked to the school “happily” talking about CONTROVERSIAL issues.
Erm, then we reached school and Yue Yi said there was something in her shoe so Olivia said she was walking like a retard xD
And when we reached the parade ground we realised no one was reading so I didn’t bother to take my book out and continued talking :X
Samuel, Darren Lim, Zhi Xun, Shi Zhe, Ines never wear red and white.
So what if I ate chicken curry yesterday -_-
Then we went through the National Day flag raising, National Anthem, Recollections, My People My Home & the Principal’s Speech. Luckily this time, unlike last year, we did not have to stand up for the whole thing.
Then we went to the hall for the highly-anticipated National Day concert.
Thought it would be quite fun but it turned out to be boring becaue there were loads of skits (no offence) of history. I find Social Studies boring, that’s why.
Until the national day songs and the national day quiz came in, then it became a little more fun πŸ˜€
Marc was getting tortured and I think Darren Fong accidentally sprayed water at Amirah and one other guy from 6/5.
What is our National Language?
Ms Tiey: He says Singlish
Erm nothing much happened after that >.>
I shall go do my Science Practice Paper now.

1. Science Practice Paper
2. Amend the Oral thing
3. Picture Composition
4. Learn Dictation
5. Sign Travel Declaration form

I’m at half of it πŸ˜€

Happy 080808 guys! πŸ˜€


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