Uhh, this morning I watched the Beijing Olympics for swimming ;D
I watched:
– 800m Freestyle Women
– 50m Freestyle Women (not sure whether it’s freestyle or butterfly)
– 50m Freestyle Men
– 100m Freestyle Men.

Uhh, tomorrow’s the finals ;| Can’t say I’m really looking forward to it because it will mean that it will put an end to the swimming events. Tomorrow Finals at 9.55am, looking forward to it! I bet Michael Phelps will be able to get his 8th gold medal, since he got his 7th this morning.
Well yea.. This morning I thought I had tuition so I woke up real early for some reason.
Turns out that I didn’t have tuition, only my sister. Wasted, but nevermind it’s okay because my brother went to school so I could use the computer early hahaha.
He took away my protractor and he left some rubbish paper on my table.
Uh, my collection of receipts is quite great. I have movie tickets and MCs too hahaha. But most of them are receipts and now I am trying to get receipts from everyone to fill the file up ;o 30 pockets, I guess it’s alright yea?
Uhmz, so I went to source for Wonder Girls’ pictures and videos.
Saved them to my handphone 😀 Well, I’m not a Wonder Girls crazy fan yet though (:
Can’t get their album. Someone help me order from HMV please, haha~!
Erhh, so I started doing my Distinctive Science and going to all kinds of sites to enable videos and pictures to be able to be seen on my phone.
I got loads of themes for my handphone too! 😡 I love myself.
4 more days till I get my new spectacles! Uh, I can’t really wait, can I? 😀 Thanks Mummy for it man.

Yesterday was Korkor’s birthday, so we celebrated it late at night at around 11pm, and we had a cake similar to what we had for Mothers’ Day.. I think?
I know, I owe you 3 days pictures of food.. Yea. So.. I shall supplement you with our pictures yesterday.. & possibly some camwhore pictures of me & my sister! 😀 PS: No food today until tonight because well, this is fair 😀 I compensate with these pictures.

It’s taking quite a long time to upload.. So yea, I shall go look around for receipts first while they upload 😀

Here’s the first blurred camwhore picture that I’m currently using as my display picture:

Second picture. My sister insisted that the picture must have her share so she came in at the corner -_-

Two legs? Or one? Both shoes are mine? Uh.

Some random shot I took around the house. My sister’s pencil box.

Brother’s birthday!
Candles lit + his face

Family photo!

The 3 sisters?

My brother back to his Primary 6 days. Looks a little childish eh? Hey, that’s HIS personality o_o

All shots taken with my darling Samsung NV4! 😀 Although the quality is OBVIOUSLY better, it takes AGES to upload ;|


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