I think I forgot to blog about NAPFA some time ago.
It was on the same day as the Lollipop Episode D:
Episode 1 will be the 1.6km run and Episode 2 will be the 5 other stations! Here you go, piglets!

NAPFA Episode 1 on July 21 2008

I brought along a H2o bottle to school because Ms Chan said she only allowed Isonotic drinks that would help us somehow in a way. Then I brought along a small carrier and uh, put a towel by Medeline inside, put her water bottle inside, put Chia Qi’s(?) water bottle inside, put my water bottle inside, so it turned out to be quite heavy -_-“

Ermz we gathered at the Talents’ Corner before heading for the Clementi Sports Stadium. We were walking there again, for the 5th time probably [: Geeez. we used Chips.
Medeline said that they changed stuff every year. Primary 4 was rubber bands, Primary 5 we used paper and this year we used Chips xD Creative huh.

Ms Chan released the butterfly that had metamorphasized just a day ago and then Daniel made up a cold joke saying that, “If she release the butterfly then we accidentally eat it, won’t we have butterflies in our stomach?” xD Not exactly a cold joke.. but uh ๐Ÿ˜
Then we were slacking around and doing warmups.

6/1, 6/2, 6/3 started first and Dickson stopped before he even jogged half ;| & Azam was pwning again.. he finished quite fast uh. So we were watching with enthusiasm and I have to say that this year, most people have the mental stamina to jog!

After them, it was time for 6/4, 6/5, 6/6’s turn. I clipped up my hair and after that, decided to take it off because I felt uncomfortable with it jumping on my hair -__-” Ermz, then we started running. Not fair, some people are in front so of course they will have a headstart! Uh, was really tiring. Jogged along Yue Yi and didn’t want to talk at all because it was real tiring.

It started getting real tiring at Round 2 and I shuddered at the thought of having to run another 2 rounds. But then, I persevered and then at the last round, Darren Fong, Yue Yi and a few people were in front of me running slowly. So I chionged the final line and then ended up in Position 53. Noo! I was THAT slow! So sad, I didn’t get to maintain my Position 52. Last year I was Position 52!

I was seeing double images when I went back to sit down and then I gulped down the bottle of H2o because I was real thirsty and dizzy. When we walked back to school, manymanymany people stopped along the way to vomit -_- But it was really tiring uh. 1.6km only, can’t imagine 2.4km next year. Then we walked back to school sadly.. and it was soo demanding on my legs.

We STILL had to climb up to the 6th storey and we almost wanted to die on the spot then. We threw ourself back on our seats and started fanning ourself with whatever we could find on the spot -_-” I gave their things back to those people who used my bag as a storage for their stuff and then Ms Chan read out our time. So fast out ah -_-“

I was Position 53 @ 9 minutes and 29 seconds. Last year, I was @ Position 52 @ 10 minutes and 58seconds. Now you can see how much everyone improved yea?

Omg, Wei Ling was 8minutes and 6 seconds while Kay Vin was 8minutes, and they were in 2x positions! Siao, 8 minutes also 2x!! -_-!!! Wei Jie was 4th I think.. He finished in 7 minutes++. Must have been his running from his house to school that trained him so much lol. Darren Lim was 1x. Clarice was 2x. All damn pro. Feel super zibei.

Uhh so we changed into our uniforms from our stinking PE shirts and then.. we went for Mother Tongue. PLS let us rest a while before she continued with Chinese lesson :D:D

And that’s the end of the NAPFA Episode 1! Here is Episode 2, the 5 stations!

NAPFA Episode 2 on July 23 2008

Chia Qi initially said that she wanted to come to my house.
Then she changed her decision and decided to go home -_-
That day, Medeline came to my house at 1pm+.
Uhh she kinda abused my computer? -_-|| Then.. Clarice came at around 3pm.
I took my Ez-link card and some money from my wallet then I put it in my handphone pouch.
We left at 3.30pm(?) I forgot -_- Hey it was such a long time ago!
Uhh so Clarice, Medeline & I walked happily to the playground.
Yue Yi was there.. and I saw Olivia running home… Don’t know why.. Until…

Yue Yi: Just now I told Olivia ‘Wah heng ah, I almost forgot to bring my NAPFA slip leh!’ then she open her mouth in shock and said “OH SHIT!!!” and started running back to her home.
Hui Ping(me): *GASPS* OH I FORGOT!!!!!!!!!!1
Medeline&Clarice: Quickly go and take now!!!!

*passes bag to Medeline instantly and started running home as fast as my legs could carry me*
run. I swear, that day I had loads of stamina and speed. Why didn’t I had that speed for Napfa 1.6km. Anyway.. the distance wasn’t that far but there was a bridge that sucked up my energy -_-“

Luckily the lift was at the 1st floor waiting for me.. Soo.. I took it up immediately.. Then reached home and..

Me: Shihui, ๅผ€้—จ!!!!
Sister: You come back again for what?
Me: Open the door lah!!!!!!!

*Sister opens the door*
*Throws my shoes on the floor quickly and ran into the room to take my the NAPFA slip inside my wallet*
*Wore my shoes and didn’t care much about the shoelaces, closed the door and gate and took the lift*
Luckily, the lift didn’t go up or down. It was still at 12th floor. ^_^
Took it down to the 1st floor together with some people who came in at other storeys.
Then, I said, “Sorry sorry” coz I accidentally bumped into an elderly [she didn’t fall!!] and I RAN RAN RAN the 2nd time back to the playground. Got bridge one leh, tiring okay!!

Olivia arrived already then I felt so relieved. It was the first time I had ran back to my home to get something so yeah.. Took my bag and I was perspiring already -_- before NAPFA even started. Somemore I bathed before that -_-” Walked to school through the MRT and I perspired even more -_- Sounds stupid right. Uh so we walked in to school and then saw many boys playing soccer. They had been playing since 1pm or something? O_O Crazy people.

Ermz we walked to the hall together then we saw some 6/5 girls going up to the gallery so we followed suit. Then 6/5 pupils went down for some reason. But we still went up. Yue Yi went missing o_o then we decided to sit down at the gallery for a while.

Then MM instantly announced, “P6s, gather here now.” -_-” Climb from 2nd level to 3rd level need energy one leh! Waste our time and effort. So we sat around for a little while (probably 5 seconds) before we headed down. Uhh most people were already there I guess. Ms Chia asked me why I didn’t go for Choir practice. I was like, “GOT MEH?!?!!?” Soon, the test started. We were told to head for the Shuttle Run station first x)

There, we queued up in Mr Lai’s line. Erhh, then I was complaining that Kai Ming & his friends were in the way because they were directly behind the line and it made it uncomfortable if we were to take that thing and run coz… aiya I don’t know how to describe la. You imagine yourself.

So I requested for Clarice to tell Mr Lai to shoo them away ๐Ÿ˜› They moved back a little. Then Mr Lai went to manually push them back and then they finally moved a little more back. Then when Mr Lai looked away they moved in front again -_- Silly people. Mr Lai told us, “Happy?” xD

Anyway, Clarice could minus 0.3seconds because she accidentally stepped on someone. So she ended up with 10.7s for shuttle run I think. Mine was 11.03s, as I remember ;O Slower than the rest of the people ๐Ÿ˜€ Evonne got 12/13s(forgot), cheer!

After all of us were done checking with whether we had gotten an A, we headed to the Pull-up station where we all queued in front of Ms Chia. There, Medeline did 15/20(?) & I did 9. Requested for her not to read my scores out. From last year’s 20 I dropped to 9. It’s okay, I gained loads of weight -_-” Evonne refused to do -_-“

After which, the gang which consisted of Evonne, Yue Yi, Clarice, Olivia, Medeline and Hui Ping(me), headed for the Sit-up station. There, I told them my secret of how to get highhighhigh for Sit-up. Let me share with you. Uhuh.

When you are doing sit-ups, tell your friend to count for you and do not do your own counting because if so, your brain will think that the number of situps you do is enough and will probably send a signal to your body saying that it’s tired or something. You should try not to let your brain know the number of situps. Also, keep chanting and telling yourself, ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2….’ and let the cycle repeat itself. Until the time is up, then you ask your friends about the number of situps that you have done. You will get a shock at the number of situps that you do because when you do not do your own counting, 1 minute will be up before you even get tired because your brain doesn’t know the number of situps that you have done and it will not get tired.

If you don’t understand, ask me in school or something. However, NAPFA is already over so I’m telling you this for no reason. It can help in your secondary school NAPFA though ๐Ÿ˜›
I think one guy from 6/5 (was it Kai Wen or something) was doing like he was crazy -_- He did damn fast and everyone was laughing including Miss Tam, which was in charge of our station uh.

So I got 46, Medeline got 46/45(?), Clarice got 45(?), Olivia got 36(?), Evonne 32(?), Yue Yi 42(?). Then, Evonne said she haven’t take her pullup results yet, and the teachers were leaving already. So we followed her to the pullup station to give her some sort of encouragement. She did 3, yes! She said she couldn’t do a single 1. Liar liar pants on fire!!

After situps, we headed down to check for our A or not, then Waradol asked me how many situps I did. I showed him 46, and he showed me his NAPFA slip. SIAO AH, 72 SITUPS!!!!!!!!!!! What is this!!! 1.2situps per second!

Then we went to the Sit and Reach station next, and then we queued up in front of Mdm Nurul thinking that she was lenient. But we were wrong -_-|| She didn’t allow crawling. So I got something like 42, Medeline got something like 38/36(?), Olivia got something like Medeline’s, Yue Yi got something like 36(?), Evonne got something like 38(?) and Clarice got 37.

I thought it should be 36.5 when she stretched, and she was 0.5 from an A! So Olivia and I persuaded her to repeat and then Mdm Nurul let her repeat. However, this time she reached 36. & then when she took back her NAPFA slip, it was 37 -_-|| Probably cause when she stretched, she wasn’t that far away from 37. So just round off lor. & I found out Raiwin did 210++ for Standing Broad Jump O_O

After which we headed for the Standing Broad Jump station. Wah piang, nightmare ar. So many people!! So we happily queued up and we were practicing while queueing up. I was going to die soon T_T So a lot of people went home already and soon the hall was getting emptier and emptier -_-” Olivia is pro, seriously. Last time we used to be same standard which is about below 140 ๐Ÿ˜

I jumped. 160. *gasps* I jumped the 2nd time. 143.

Ms Tiey took my 160 score. I was super shocked I did so well considering my standard. After I headed to look at how Medeline performed. She did 148! And she was shocked. Evonne was very scared and yea.. she said she would surely fail and all those, “Die already lah..” came out. Medeline then did a re-jump and she was back to her pro-ness, 162. Clarice did 170++(?) and Olivia also did 160++. Yue Yi forgot ๐Ÿ˜ก Sorry la, I don’t mean to forget one la, but it was so long ago!

So Evonne was very very scared when she was at Mr Liau’s station because he was known to be a seriously strict teacher who will persist and persist until you finally pass your NAPFA ugh.
So according to her, she closed her eyes and jumped. She got a 139 and she was jumping for joy! She could get a PASS!! She didn’t expect it at all~

We went down happily coz’ most of us got a Gold then we saw Marc. Marc was going to get a Bronze because his Sit and Reach was super pro hahaha. Then we saw Kim Yao, and his Sit and Reach was super pro also hahaha. Yu Jing sprained her ankle I think, then she was limping out of the school with her pinkcolourtrademark bag.

Then, we walked out of the Parents’ Corner together and we saw Ms Chan together with the people who went to “see” Vincent Lo’s PESA competition. Sze Ling, Pearly, Kay Vin, Caleb, Gordon and.. Vincent Lo -_-||

Oh and we were exclaiming that Clarice got full marks for her NAPFA. All A, proness. Then we handed in our slips to Ms Chan and we skipped happily to the bus interchange ๐Ÿ˜€ We decided to get some ice-cream to cool down and Clarice was treating us I think. Took the 60c orange one, delidelidelicious! Ummz, so we hanged around before we went home, and I did my homework :]

? = Cannot remember. Hey, it was so long ago. If you can remember, please tell me, I will edit the blog post.

& that was the end of NAPFA! Can’t believed I blogged so much.. lol. Hmm, no pictures of NAPFA today… But I shall give you your food today ๐Ÿ˜€ Geez, I’m running out of ideas!! So some food may be repeated, just in a different serving way ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Here you go, something too sweet to be true!


Uh I started liking lollipops since the Lollipop Episode! ๐Ÿ˜€ Maybe coz’ of Brenda though, in her blog are stuff of lollipops and they tempt me too much -_-” And then I also realised that lollipops are sweet but they won’t cause sore throat that easily unlike chocolate bars. They are not as fattening too, although they are still fattening. So now I like them. I only allow myself to have one every week, because I am trying to cut down on my sweet stuff and my cold drinks intake yea.

&, to end this post, I shall announce that I LOVEEEEE Wonder Girls! ๐Ÿ˜€
Bye piglets! Typed for at least an hour, cherish it!


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