Olivia’s blog is tempting. But not that tempting, because it didn’t manage to make me hungry 😀
I finished going through my Synthesis pouch — Yay! & I will start on the PSLE Booklet next. Then I shall go on to MNQ before going through Bumper.

Me is very very very thoughtful already. Lulz. Michelle tasked me this morning to finish 2 assessment books in one week — Andrew Er Mathematics & Science Distinction. Siao, she has never given me so much homework before, all these 6 years.
Uh I downloaded more videos to my handphone yet again 😀 Wonder Girls simply rock [: Now I can recognise all the members, yay! Anyone willing to sponsor? I want their 3 albums! :/

Oh so I ate Hor Fun just now and I’m currently watching the Live telecast of the table tennis doubles.
Just now Feng Tian Wei vs Wang Nan, then my sister said it was China vs China lol. If you think about it, it’s true!
The 2nd game was Li Jia Wei vs Zhang something, also China vs China lol.
All Singapore Olympics competitors all from China one. Foreign talents. Eg. Li Jiawei, Feng Tianwei, Tao Li, etc etc.
Hmm ;D You get my point yea? Anyway, good luck Singapore, and must Jiayou for your first gold in 48 years yeh! Hui Ping support you ROFL I doubt you need my support. & Yeah bye bye.


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