Hello, just back from typing on the class blog and doing my 习字. This time 习字 need to write a lot of things coz’ 成语 normally use 2 bars and this time our topic is 成语专家 so most of the words are 成语s -_-

Hmm, just now ate Nasi Lemak for lunch, again. This is so sickening, always eat Nasi Lemak. I’m so sick of it liao lah, if you like it, try eating it 2 weeks straight every day. I bet you, once you see the food, all your hungriness go off liao.

When I came back from school just now I was so hungry and I was looking forward to a good meal because I didn’t eat much during recess (you see, Yue Yi and Clarice stole 2 of my sandwiches. Yue Yi took the bigger one, and good girl Clarice took the smaller one) and then I was feeling real tired as my bag was filled with gold or something. I came back and zzz I was instantly bloated the moment I saw the pack of Nasi Lemak on the table. If it was some other food, I wouldn’t mind.

After I finished my meal, I washed my hands and I stupidly opened the refrigerator because I forgot that I shouldn’t open it to prevent being tempted. However, I opened it and then I saw the carton of Apple juice!!! So I took it and filled 1/4 of a cup.. Still okay lah. It was my first real-sugared-drink in 2 weeks :] At most I don’t drink any sugared stuff for the rest of the week. I seriously hope I can maintain. I don’t need to lose weight or anything, I just wanna hella maintain. Ummz after that I went to do my 习字 on my table and my maid brought my brother’s birthday cake in to give me. I refused to eat and so she took it away to eat.

Then she came in again with a bowl of ice-cream that has been scooped from the Haagen Dusz pack. I said No but she just left it on my table. I felt a little tempted at first, but after that I thought for a long time before I decided not to eat because I had already drunk the apple juice. So I refused to touch the ice-cream and let it melt. After a long time, I brought it out and then it was not melted yet, so she came back into the room to “return” it to me. After that, I became smarter and I put the entire bowl in the fridge. It’s not my fault if the bowl cracks lol.

So now I’m going to bathe so cya little piglets. ;]


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