I lost 4 marks for Maths already T_T
Question 47a should be 73 instead of 73.5, and b should be 73.2 ]:
Anyways, we started the day with Maths exam instead of Chinese like the other schools.
When I was going to take my correction tape from my bag I hit this whiteboard and everyone went, “Ohh..”
I rate the difficulty 6/10 but I kinda got tricked @ Question 47 ;|
So yea, um I guess it’s alright ba.. Hope I can still get A* =| because most of my papers are screwed already.. Tomorrow Chinese, do I still need to say anymore? -_-
Umm, went for recess and we played the squeezing game again since we weren’t allowed to play in the parade square. My arms are badly abused! -.-||
Anyway, went back and did PSLE Science all the way until we returned home? 😡
Just to inform you that I had leftover curry from last night for lunch 😀
Okay I’m off, bye bye ;|


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