School was alright indeed :] Sarcastic or no, you will know later.
Anyways, went to school with my 作文班 file today and I “practiced” my memorising. So alright, at least I got to use one of them for my Chinese Paper 1 😀
Umm, then we went back to class for exams and once again the Gohs were playing their 成语 thing. Soo I desperately tried to memorise the 3rd part of the introductions but nevermind since I couldn’t use it at all 😀
Umm, I would say I’m more confident of my Chinese 作文 than my English Composition. Sadded right? I hope I pass lar.. Even though my Chinese also fail one.. now you know how much I expect from my English Composition >.<' Anyways, then I got a scolding from a particular someone. Had to say sorry reluctantly but I still did it because I’m such a nice girl.
Anywayz, squeezing game and truth or dare during recess — again!
Ms Chan actually admitted that she kissed a boy behind teh wall before LOL
Anyways returned to class for our Paper 2. I’m uber worried. ;| Got at least 4 marks gone liao.
Announced the English results. Jun Yu got full marks for Section A English!! Then he showed the “what?” and raised his shoulders action. SUPER FUNNY HAHAHAH and he also got full marks for Maths Section A! I got 27/30 and 20/20 respectively ;| Sadded. But me and Medeline on the same boat, yeah!
Hmmz nothing much more to say?
Oh, Olivia & Medeline read part of my handbook a.k.a my personal diary. What kind of friends do I have?
Anyway, I remember yesterday Mr Ee said that handphones are not allowed in school.
Then he said, “If you really want to call, go out to the Parents’ corner to call, not inside the school.” So actually we’re allowed to ACTUALLY USE near the school without it being confiscated.
Cool huh? But I still won’t bring because I have no use for it -_-||
Bye pigs.


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