Science Prelims!

Yayayay Prelims are over lalala~
Good luck to those taking Higher Mother Tongue! :]
Today we went back to class for Science Prelims. We were given 1 hour and 45 minutes [8.15am to 10am]. At first I was like, wah lau, not again, have to wait so long for it to end.
After then, I realised I was terribly wrong.
Do you know when ‘Pens down’, I was still writing? & Jason and Wei Ling was like ‘FOUL!!11!!!!on!e!!!!elv!!!!en!!!’
& then luckily my last few questions were alright.. Didn’t have AMPLE TIME as stated by Ms Chan to check though.
I lost at least 2 marks already, then after the exam, Jason was like ‘OH CAN WE STOP DISCUSSING MAKE ME VERY KANCHIONG LEH!!’
Me and Yue Yi agreed so we stopped the discussion and played our routine ‘Truth or dare’ for 30minutes straight. Jason was forced BY ME to cross-pull his ears and stand-squat 5 times, slap his face 10 times (must be able to hear the sound), go up to Zhi Xun and say ‘I love you forever’, etc etc.
Yue Yi very nice to me hahaha nothing bad :] Ummz so we went for recess and we queued up outside the class -_-
Then Deng Lao Shi asked us how come got one “aisle” there. Then we say is for her to catwalk. So she asked Shaun to demo. After that 6/5 was making their way into the “aisle” LOL!!! So we clapped and cheered damn loudly then they were damn paiseh.

I played Ice & Freeze with Clarice, Medeline, Yue Yi, Qian Qian, Darren Lim, Kay Vin, Gordon, Marc, Vincent Lo and Daniel. Now that using the soft soft ball for soccer is allowed, everyone switch over liao =( I seriously wished soccer was just banned hahaha. Then I called Clarice to say that playing was allowed and at first she was queueing up for food. After I told her that, she was like, “CAN PLAY? OKOKOK I don’t eat!!!” and we started running to the parade square gaagahahahahha.

Played for some time then I love my spectacles haHAHA~~ Changes colour, rock~
Ermz went up and we had natural perfumes once again.
Ms Chan returned us our Booklet A for English, went through a comprehension for English and then we did a Section A of a Maths Paper.

After that when we went home, we queued up outside again and there was an “aisle” again. Then Ms Chan told us to give way for 6/5 TO WALK INTO THE “AISLE” so we clapped once again! But is only a few people beause got HMT.. Sad lah XD
Okay nothing much, I shall escape to do my homework now. Bye fellow piglets.


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