Ooh yea :]

So I started off today’s morning with eating egg and ham sandwiches.
& then I slacked around, forummed around and then had Tom Yum cup noodles for lunch πŸ˜€ Yummy.
I made my first cup noodle!!! XD
Okay hahaa so I ate it and then my sister woke up asking me whether I’ve eaten -.-
Yea ate it long before her LOL.
Ummz and then we did our own stuff and then I started doing Science Distinction.
Now I’ve finished the book! πŸ˜€
& then I did Andrew Er’s PSLE Mathematics Examination Papers. Was forumming halfway when suddenly…
*electricity gone*

Sister & I were panicking because we didn’t know which switch to push up or something and then we called Jiejie. Jiejie told us to wait until she came home.
So I took out my Andrew Er and then do from 5.55PM all the way to 7.19pm when she came home — Not fun to wait okay, it was total darkness. Was using my handphone’s light, now I love W850i even more! Can help even in emergency situations!
My sister was then using her iPod Touch and looking and listening to all those Super Junior rubbish ;|

I think it was heaven’s doing of asking me to stop playing because I was forumming then and my PSLE booklet was in front of me. So now I have one more practice paper to go before I officially complete 5 of my tuition assessment books! πŸ˜€ This may be VERY VERY little compared to GohWeiLing and PearlyAng I know but hey I’m smaller than them you see.

Okay then we got pwned when Jiejie told us that we only had to push up one blue switch and everything will be done -_-|| Wasted our time.. then the fishes also not enough oxygen lol. Ate duck rice and mango ice blended — AGAIN!
Luckily I’m cutting down on my intake in school.. ;|

Ermz okay the Beijing Olympic’s Closing Ceremony was magnificent! Unfortunately I missed the Opening Ceremony on 080808 when I went out to Cineleisure and embarrassed myself with Kim Yao. Leona Lewis was singing πŸ˜€ Okay I shall escape to bathe now, cos my maid is nagging loads!
So sad it’s ending… Probably have to wait another 4 years.. & then by then I’ll be taking my O’ Levels! & N’ Levels if I seriously don’t buck up ;|
Okay bye piglets. I’m off!

One more day to your birthday? Advanced happy birthday πŸ˜€


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