Today got Higher Mother Tongue. So we “re-located” to 6/5 where we kopped up most of the seats at the left. Then, we were given a Science Practice Paper by CHIJ CA1 and we started doing la. Then Mrs Gay Tan was very strict O_O I think that’s why the class was total silence, and we were even noisier than them.

“Raymond, you failed!”
“Edison, you failed!!”
“Benjamin, you passed by 1/2 a mark!”
“Kaiwen, whole day play with Benjamin, …. results ….”

I can remember the tone she used O_O but she’s still a good teacher right? o_o
So we were arguing on one question in which Animals take in Fungi. Then Sze Ling was like not sure. Here was the conversation.

Sze Ling: Is 1 meh? (something like that)
Jun Yu: Yes we eat mushrooms!
Sze Ling: I don’t.
Jun Yu: But we do!

& so came another whole round of giggle coz’ the way Jun Yu said it made us chuckle a lot. Until we quietened down much later XD Erm okay then we continued doing our Science Practice Paper until Ms Chan came again and supplied us with another 2 -_-” Horrible la. Then she told us to head to the STAR Room @ the library πŸ˜€ Got aircon!!! πŸ˜€

I sat with Yue Yi then we continued doing the paper.. After that went for recess and… 😑
Played Ice & Freeze even though I remember very clearly that Mdm Lim said that No Playing was allowed during recess. Went back to class and then rushed to Mother Tongue because we were 20minutes late. So PLS was talking about Olympics LOL and everytime she talk about swimming everyone will exclaim, “Michael Phelps!”

Then went back to STAR Room and then we continued doing the Science Practice Paper(s) until the Higher Mother Tongue pupils completed their exams. We went back shortly after the session of farts by Shaun and Saqlain and we had a period of relaxation because Ms Chan felt that 20minutes was not enough to do anything.

Anyway, we went for assembly by those STAR Room people and then we went up for a session of lecture. Was eating my bread XD & then Ms Chan gave us back our English Paper 2 Booklet B and went through the answers for it. I got 49 1/2 out of 65 :D:D I’m happy! My total is 76.5 out of 90. Don’t know if I’m supposed to be happy or not actually LOL But I’m happy la.

Ermz, then we discussed all the way until lunchtime. Didn’t eat anything as usual because I had no appetite just like Yue Yi πŸ˜€ & then we went to play Ice & Freeze again, together with the usual people — Darren Lim, Kay Vin, Gordon and Marc.
Then we managed to catch many as a team πŸ˜€ Unity is strength/Strength in unity, like what Ms Chan said.

Went for Chinese and then we went through the Chinese Practice Paper plus Paper 1 πŸ˜€
Okay I shall end here now because I wanna do my 作业 15.

& to end this post..

Happy Birthday Kay Vin!

O_o I’m not doing this specially for him so get this clear. Bye bye anyways.


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