During truth or dare…

1. Clarice is no longer mysterious.
2. Found out that Shaun is truly hated, and I’m beginning to too.
3. Jason is still mysterious.
4. Olivia is still mysterious.
5. Eun Seong enjoys asking Clarice ‘Truth or dare’.
6. Olivia enjoys asking Jason ‘Truth or dare’.
7. Olivia likes to choose ‘dare’.
8. Jason loves Ahsika Banu.

That’s all piglets. Anything to add? :DOh…

1. Yu Jing made cakes fresh from the toilet.
2. Clarice baked chocolate cookies which had already dried up in the toilet.
3. Olivia made jellies in the toilet.

Nothing else? 😀 Tell me to add.
& hahaha Zhi Xun has officially caught my Wonder Girls virus.


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