Today is SUCH a fruitful day.
I did really nothing but just to laze around and.. err.. AHEM DO HOMEWORK :]
Wow, Ms Chan called me HP.
This is new to me.
Is that new to you?
Okay fine..
I updated my Friendster profile!
That took me an hour alone πŸ˜€
But anyway, now there’s a new look!
& a new start! Yay!
Yay I downloaded the SUPERCLEAR So Hot MV ❀

The list of people who likes Tell Me/Wonder Girls..
1. Definitely me
2. Medeline
3. Olivia
4. Sze Ling
5. Zhi Xun
6. Kim Yao
7. Wei Jie
8. to be filled in

Anyone else, piggies? Tell me and I shall add.
Of course, I welcome you to go get the Tell Me song too :]

Hmm, should I put music in my blog?
Maybe I should.
Or I shan’t. Sometimes, I got a little irritated when the music in other peoples’ blogs keep playing and I can’t close it when I hate the music so much.
Anyway, I added Tell Me to my Friendster profile ❀
I suddenly remembered that I used to like The Way I are by Keri Hilson & D.O.E featuring Timbaland if I’m not wrong.
That one used to be the uber high playcount one.
Then it became Tell Me ❀
And now I’m crazy with K-Pop, thanks to sister.
Didn’t use to be really crazy with K-Pop even though I had already developed a liking for it.
But now, I am 100% crazy! πŸ˜€
Medeline too! πŸ˜›
I can never get sick of the Korean songs I listen to often.
How? 😐
I wanna learn the So Hot dance!
Ahaha, that one is uber cool okays!

I’m going off now πŸ˜€
Bye piglets! :]


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