Certificate uploaded.

Right now I owe you a picture from very long ago… so here you go

Certificate by Vincent Lo

Yea it’s pretty nice isn’t it xD It was the layout printed on blue construction paper. Signed by both Vincent Lo & Tsan Sze Ling. Can use for DSA application, haha! Just kidding la. If you want the clearer version tell me on MSN or something.

Today reported for remedial at the canteen. As usual, walked to school with COY. Everyone brought the forbidden thing along, as usual 😛

Erm met in canteen then when we (CHOY) were about to sit down, Ms Chan came and then brought us to class where we found many others doing work in the classroom like GohWeiLing & YeoZhiXun. By the way, the GohWeiLing virus has made a comeback! Now, GohWeiLing is the only one infected with the virus. DO NOT touch any of her things, ESPECIALLY her tissues, if you want to be safe.

So we started and then Ms Chan gave us 6 slips of PAD, one of which was repeated, and surprisingly that was the only question I didn’t know how to do. And then, we did for a while until Ms Chan decided to go on with Science..

Science.. Science.. then finally recess!

Went to play Ice&Freeze immediately after I went to the toilet then it was everyone in Yellow banana T-shirts. Then when we were playing halfway, Olivia suddenly hugged Clarice and then said, “I am Darren Lim,” then Clarice shouted, “EEE!!!!” and seperated herself from Olivia immediately, LOL! We couldn’t stop laughing at Clarice’s priceless reaction! [reminds me of SoHee at the Oh! Philsung Korea video :D]

We went back to class after Ms Chan gathered and then we went to do more Science and more Science. After which she gave us a commercial break and my personality was one of the “better” ones x] Hmm, then Kim Yao & I stayed back to go through the Grammar Bumper. Darren Lim and Caleb, which I have no idea about, stayed back too. Then after that, we went down by the lift.. and I went home.

Okay, was feeling a little emosad just now ;|


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