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Rant plus schoolday.

I guess I actually feel better now. I used to cry like siao at the one word ‘maid’. After reading SzeLing’s blog, I teared a little but it didn’t roll down my cheeks.

so papa asked how long she stayed with us alr.gosh,like 16 years?1 and a half decade.
hmm quite sad,she cried all of a sudden and then quickly turned her head and walked away.i nearly cried.omg i shant continue further,going to cry soon.-.-

Extracted from sister.
So many days of crying. Sadness. Crap. Irritating people who love to ask about my new maid and whatever. Waiting for her letter. Waiting for her message. Waiting for her phone calls.

Sickening. Everytime I will check my handphone and see if she had SMS-ed me from overseas or not, or had she left me a missed call. It’s become so much of a habit that I check my phone every 5 minutes – pathetic right?

Damn it, someone doesn’t know what kind of food I like =(
I’m going to get a tummy ache from that darn Barley I was forced to drink.

In the past, Zeh knew I hated Barley πŸ˜€ So I would often go to her and make her finish it for me =P Or else, she would put very little of the drink on my cup and then I will finish it happily XD Or else she will just help me pour it away!

Went CC for loads of badminton recently. Everytime I go there I will be reminded of how we used to play candles there when I was K1~P2. Sister would be invited there then we will go there together and play candles =)

Aaah.. memories are there to keep. Better stop talking about it before I cry again.

//end rant

Okay today started off the day with a book – obviously.

Just to tell you I’m still reading New Moon lololol. That’s a pretty fast progress right. From like June till now or something LOL -_-“

Ines would feel guilty if she were to borrow a book from a friend because she will be reading it for free while her friend pays for a price. Wow.

Headed back to class and played few games πŸ˜€

Went to hall. Then we had the HortPark briefing, and omgg, I forgot to sign my consent form okay. No wonder I felt that I forgot something last night but I thought I always feel like that, so I didn’t care!! Rawffles.

Okay then I found out we have to walk 3.1km. Medeline was like “HUH… 3.1KM WANT TO DIE” I keep lol-ing at her response haha πŸ˜€ Okay, cameras allowed. Wondering if I should bring mine.

1. It may get stolen.
2. People will go… “action!!!!”

You get what I mean right, 6/6ers.

Went for recess because we had newspaper collection from neighbouring blocks from 10am to 12nn. Okay I drank/ate fishball soup and then played Ice&Freeze for a short while before going back. Didn’t want to sweat too much before the collection itself. Everyone was playing stress.

So KimYao & GohWeiLing were playing, and YueYi&I sang… ‘Rudolph the red nose reindeer, had a very SHINYYY nose…. and if you ever saw it….. you would even say it –‘


Kim Yao had to take the pile πŸ˜€ So YueYi&I decided that singing the song to GohWeiLing will be more beneficial to her -_-” I wanted to distract her rehhs.

Okay then walked to 432 and then we put our water bottles down, gathered in our ‘levels’ and then went up to Level 9.

Did I mention that Olivia was absent today? And Clarice was absent yesterday.. lol. Later another from CHOMY will be absent on Monday. I shall make sure I come to school, hoho.

Erm okay we went to collect. There was one plastic bag outside a door, and then we asked all the other people. They turned us off rudely XD But it was fun to tell them ‘Xie Xie’ or ‘Thank you’ together as a group of 4. [because Olivia is not here] Medeline speak hokkien damn pro, LOL! She just shoot shoot shoot leh, sibei pro. I found out a pattern. Those who have grandparents at home usually knows hokkien. Kim Yao, Darren Fong, Medeline, Jia Yi and the list goes on..

Okay then went down to pack the newspapers and stuff. We collected a lot okay! Shocked at the amount we collected too. The school is rich, and now the needy pupils are happy because a small amount of newspapers = $2.

Pro wor.

Okay then went back to school by walking. Then had 2nd recess, the others played stress again.

Started captains’ ball at 11.15am with Girls vs Boys but we were pwned like crazy. So we mixed our groups up.

I was with.. (got 15 people)
1. Drima
2. Medeline
3. Clarice
4. Yue Yi
5. Grace
6. Bi Juan

1. Darren Fong
2. Shaun
3. Eun Seong
4. Gordon
5. Marc
6. Lloyd
7. Zhi Xun
8. Caleb

Okay. Yue Yi passed to Wei Jie accidentally, and then Marc also passed to Wei Jie accidentally. Wei Jie has a voice that is PRO, LOL! Kim Yao also accidentally passed to Yue Yi.. haha!

Hmm, we won the other team 5-0 πŸ˜€ Quite unexpected, because at the start, all the girls thought that we will lose because all the tall and pro boys are at the other team. But okay, cannot underestimate ourselves anymore.. πŸ˜€

I hardly touched the ball but I enjoyed jumping to block some people. You know, I get the feeling that I’m taller than them at one moment, haha!!

Okay I will update more on captains’ ball later when I remember. Right now I need to bathe because I’m sweating like crap and I needa meet Clarice at 6.05pm afterwards. Today got Malacca briefing πŸ˜€



Yoobin in Audition?

Yoobin is in Audition…
In case you don’t know who is Yoobin, she is Medeline’s&Olivia’s&KimYao’s favourite member in Wonder Girls!

Here is a picture of her..


Please take note that the person at the bottom left corner is NOT her. That is SunYe. However, the others are all YooBin πŸ™‚

Okay now…

Here is the picture in Audition, okay? [Season 2’s login page. Go look if you can]


Now.. compare that with this..

[sorry for the stupid quality, I had to zoom in because it was really small]

And compare the shirt..

Aren’t they similar?! They’re Yoobin with short hair, and the clothes with stripes which Yoobin used to wear during her Tell Me performances last time! And they are both doing the ‘Tell Me’ move too! Plus the pants also the same if you observe clearly.

Well, I am sensitive to small things like this [not really small actually]. Now, my eyes are sharp, right? Played too much Dream Day Wedding in the past! πŸ˜€

Okay bai, I’m off to Audition! The Korean songs are back!

And the Wonder Girls… we’re back!

Okay that was a stupid blockquote, but still.. haha! From So Hot by Wonder Girls, in case you were wondering.

Okay I’m really going off now. Bye!


Haven’t download finish ]: It’s taking more than 2 hours because I believe many people are also downloading the file at this moment.

Initially planned to play Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney while waiting for the download to complete but it makes me sad D: Played it on the way there and back when we went to send Zehzeh off.

Sigh.. talking about it.. it’s been 3 days. My tears can be controlled better now, but I still feel like crying everytime the topic is being brought up. So if you don’t want me to cry, please try not to bring up the topic of maids or anything related to that.. thanks.

Now I have to water the plants myself, take out my handkerchief from my pocket myself, tidy up my things myself and loads of other things ;|

Whenever I water the plants, I feel sad again. Zehzeh used to water the plants for me after I got lazy from watering after a period of time :S We used to buy those plants together. At that plant shop, NTUC and everywhere… sigh.

I feel so sad to see the plants dying.. I forgot to water them for a couple of days :\ Hope they can be revived again. I cannot let Zehzeh’s effort for more than 3 years go to waste [or even more because I cannot remember when I bought those plants, but I’m very sure it’s been a long time]

I miss you so much lah.


LikeΒ OMG the Korean songs are finally back in Audition after long last!!

How long have we waited for it?!?!?!

I can’t wait to play lah. It’s taking 2 hours to download the manual patch!!

Well, I foresee Wonder Girls in future!! πŸ˜€

Anyway, we went for recess after we “finished” using the computers in the computer lab. Okay then Ms Chan found out who Marc liked lol..

Marc was like stomping his feet everywhere in the canteen. DarrenLim-wannabe..

Okay then we went up to ALMOST watch a movie in AVA room again. Luckily it was cancelled due to some reasons so we went back to class for our Animals debate!!

We were cows, arrowing cobras, and then there were other animals such as earthworms, dogs, chickens and bees.

Bees attack us D: Why? We provide so many things!

Was speedwriting in Olivia’s handbook, lol. Easier to attack mah.

Okay bai.


This is the first and(probably..) only time I go computer lab to blog? πŸ˜€

Read New Moon when coming to school. Okay, just now had some newspaper collection thing briefing in the morning. Then it was a group of 8 per storey.. with the Ms Yvonne font lol.

Okay then waited for very long before they gave us another pre-briefing before the briefing on the Malacca trip(lol?)

Okay then we watched Night At The Museum and then we were complaining how many times we watched it already. Okay then we complain complain and went to computer lab for some enjoyment and pre-briefing before Malacca trip.

I’m with Ms Uma(that teacher for… Choir) and then now, i’m in a triple room together with YueYi&Medeline, YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Hahaha..

Okay I’m off now, I want to go WonderGirls-ing/bloghopping.



Heehee I’m back from badminton and 1hour+ of sleeping geeee.

Okay we teamed up for doubles. I brought my net along so we had 2 courts to ourselves πŸ˜€

Teamed up, then played singles, and vice versa. Dunno where a stupid rule came from >.> Keep switching and switching, tiring lor LOL

Okay then soon played finish. And of course I went home to eat Laksa muahaha. Quite nice leh, she cook.

Dumb update right.

I was so tired that I slept on my computer table – successfully! Lol! I never ever slept on the computer table before leh. It’s very hard then my arms were really sticky. But I managed to fall asleep LOLOL! In my sticky state..

Then Mother called home and then I woke up ):

Ate, then went to bathe. After that come out right, dry hair, then go and sleep again! Woke up 15minutes later(cos I set alarm mah) then I very lazy to get up so I off-ed my alarm and then slept all the way to 9pm++ xD

I woke up with a wet neck and… a wet forehead D: Super wet. Went to put baby bath immediately and got rid of the perspiration. Then face super cooling gee later I wanna go put again.



Later going badminton again. Plead and plead.. lol.

Okay then started the day off with a heavy bag and changing of shoes? πŸ˜€

Changed into the $15 sandals I bought from Bata the day before.. lol. Okay everyone was looking at me like i’m a criminal lor!!

Okay then after changing chatted about rubbish before we went down for our break before dragonboating.

Drank H2o+Blueberry & then went up. Soon had to go =o

Took bus to Kallang then we passed through KFC and MacDonalds which were like together. It was a drive-thru area, and then I found out from Olivia that it was the main KFC branch =O

Hmm then went to dragonboat. We were teamed with the QSZ+Gibson omg so sway. Had a long instructional thingy and then 6/6 were told to go off first πŸ˜€ Wore our PINK buoyancy vest and then took our paddle, then got onto the boat.

It was so unstable and then I was like so damn scared la haha.

Okay then we started rowing away. We went ‘1, 2, 1, 2’ with this instructor and then row row row. Then we keep splashing each other with our paddle lol. Soon we had a race with each boat and then we were really slow lor.

Can’t blame ma, our boat a lot of girls but very few boys (:

Okay then soon it was 11.30pm and we had to sail back. Luckily, our boat was the first few to reach the shore. Faster changed into my dry clothes in a cubicle together with Clarice. It was filthy and smelly omg I don’t want to get reminded of it anymore.

Okay then went back. Marc’s mother provided this Pringles thing, then I ate my Roller Coaster and Potato Chips =DD Went back to Clementi playing Truth Or Dare πŸ˜€ And then Ms Chan told us that she was going overseas o_o

Okay I’m going to prepare for badminton now before going out. Will update later, lil ones πŸ˜€