My future

Will I be able to get >255?
Will I be able to get into a SAP school?
Will I be able to get into a school with IP?
Will I be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond?
What will happen?
I don’t know..

November 20…
A day of joy and sorrow.
Joy for maybe your results, sorrow also maybe for your results.

But that day,
I’ll be leaving all 6/6ers. Saddening..
If only Clementi Primary School was a full school.
Just like some schools.

It will be extra large and then hold many many students. After I graduate from Primary School, it will be like I have not graduated as I will be back to my own school.

However, sadly. CPS is a neighbourhood school, I cannot deny that…
But all the friends in there are precious. They are treasure to me T_T

Why did MOE design schools such that you have to leave your friends so soon? And only after you have started liking school? In Primary 5 or 6, everyone starts liking school…

Just like my sister too. And many other classmates.

Why can’t we spend another few years more?

Can Singapore edit the rule somehow?
So that the people after us will only leave their friends at a later date?

PSLE over will mean that we have to leave our friends soon.
I bet this period between the day the results are released and today..
Will pass really fast. Yeah, really fast..

Because.. we’re all having fun now.
When you’re having fun, you hardly notice the time eh?
3 hours passes swiftly. Not when you’re studying.



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