Green with envy.

Few weeks ago Kim Yao was green with envy because he heard that I was going to Korea to play with snow xD

Snowmen yea, they rock 😐

So he tried to “hint” his parents by saying, “Eh, NgHuiPing going Korea leh, YeoInes also going Korea leh. Where are we going this holiday??”

So his parents said, “Maybe we should go to Korea.”

I was super envious lor. Like that hint hint say say also can be accepted. But nevermind, because I ALSO going ma. Did I tell you? If I did not, now you know.

But.. now I am green with envy!

Why, you may ask.

Because Gordon&KimYao have so much freedom!

They have just went out to play badminton for 4 to 5 hours yesterday, and they are at it again today. Gordon has just left his house to meet Kim Yao below his block and meet at Clementi Sports Hall together.

I bet they are still going to play badminton tomorrow.

And then I had to beg my mother to let me go for the Saturday trip :[

Nevermind, at least I have more freedom than *cough*somepeople*cough*.

Not that I like it a lot, but it’s better than nothing right! My sister was more restricted when she was at my age.

Hope it gets better as I grow older. Aaah.

I wanna go out!!

Shi Hui, when are you going to buy your prom dress?!?!


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