Okay. I’m playing RuneScape right now.
Woodcutting πŸ˜€

Where was I? Gee.

By now, the HMT pupils should be slacking around already, after finishing their paper.
Sorry if I had forgotten to wish you good luck for those 3 points, haha. Of course, if you can get them, that is πŸ˜€

Umm, waiting for Gordon to make his grand arrival at Grand Exchange in RuneScape -_-” He is on the wrong side! -_-“

Okay Yue Yi just complained that I wasn’t speaking much on MSN because I was playing RuneScape, blogging and MSN-ing at the same time. Not easy to multi-task okay, cos I’ll always feel rude when I ignore people on MSN, however annoying they are.

Of course la, I can’t stand some really zzz people which I will block+delete immediately. Not fun to entertain irritants okay.. >.>
PS: The HMT pupils should have finished their paper, went out of the gate to scream and shout that PSLE is over already. Yesterday they played badminton from 1.30pm to 6pm. Didn’t go due to special reasons πŸ˜€ It’s a deadly deadly secret :]

Okay la, bye bye πŸ˜€ I go RuneScape le.
Yue Yi said I’ll get sick of it someday and I agree >.> But how about let’s appreciate the 11 weeks that we have playing rather than… studying!?!?!

Yohh, you are smart, you get what I mean πŸ˜€ *shifty eyes*

Okay seriously I’m going off to RuneScape now. I’ll upload some random pictures later.


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