I am freaking tired. But let me talk about my day before I continue with my very important post.

Hmm, went to school to read New Moon.

Then headed to class where Ms Chan gave us this booklet on the Secondary School Posting Exercise (like finally! have been waiting for it since dunno when)

Hmm, we then chose our 6 schools where we wanted to “attend” their talk. I chose Jurong SS, Fuhua SS, Clementi Town SS, Nan Hua HS, and the other 2 I forgot haha.

Heard that Crescent GS’s VP was coming to give a talk. Then River Valley HS also maybe. Yay šŸ˜€ CGS&RVHS (:

Hmm after that we went for a friendly match with 6/4s, as our interclass match was coming up soon. We only managed to win one round while we lost the other 3 to 6/4 ): But we must be proud that we won, because ours was the only winning team against 6/4! They are damn pro at ball games la.

Then after they left, we continued and then Wei Ling was getting stressed up (again) :D. She keep squatting and standing then laugh laugh laugh and when a goal is scored, she goes “YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY”!!!! and shows the victory hand signal. Too exaggerated liao la… Ms Chan was on our team.. lol.

Then went for recess, ate my hot dog bun plus drank H20+Blueberry and then headed to the Parade Square to play Ice&Freeze. All Girls (: Then we headed on to virus when the soccer boys played Ice&Freeze. After that they didn’t, so we played back Ice&Freeze again, haha.

Then went up to hall to gather and then Ms Chan gathered us at the back to brief us on our Dragonboating trip šŸ˜€ We’re supposed to wear shades, swimsuits under our dark-coloured clothing and all sorts of stuff šŸ˜€ I don’t need to wear shades because my glasses is a 2-in-1, šŸ˜€

After that, we decided to remain in the hall to continue practising for our interclass match. Played for 45minutes+ and then we returned to our classes for Mother Tongue.

During Mother Tongue, PLS could not get the CD to work, so we were doing our own stuff. I was shortlisting some schools on my Secondary School book thingy that Ms Chan had given us in the morning. Shortlisted quite a number with their important CCAs, information and stuff. I just realised Maris Stella HS uses a Macbook.. or did I see wrongly? o_o

Hmm, after that soon it was 1pm, after doing our own stuff, I rushed home to bathe and eat lunch. Packed my bag for the IceSkating trip plus blew my hair dry. Then met Clarice @ 2.15pm outside lift. We walked together to MRT when people started rushing us because they had finished their lunch and we were still at the MRT station. Then we ran to JEC to meet those people at the Food Court. 19 people were going, and we had to pay an extra of $1.30 because DarrenLim never go, cheat money wans. His mom brought him out, according to an unidentified source.

Went to the rink after we put on our shoes, gloves, jacket and iceskated(obviously). At first not very stable, but then with time I became more stable and then I could skate on my own, although not very good. Samuel&QianQian&Ira very pro, they learnt it pretty fast. I wouldn’t say Samuel learnt because he knew how to rollerblade, but he skated faster than anyone else. Shocking leh, he travels as fast as those people playing catching on the ice -.- Marc is an action-er, LOL! Hmm, they re-surfaced the ice and then we continued playing. People keep scraping the ice away, and did I mention there were LOADS of people? Maybe because the rink is closing down on Oct16, everyone’s flocking to have a last “taste” of it.

Saw quite a lot of pro people, especially kids. When I see them obviously so much lighter and smaller than me, I feel so -_-” because my skating is horrible. Some people from other places keep splashing us, wth! And then I saw some socks from NYGH =O NYGH went to JEC, haha interesting…

Then got tired after a while. Marc owed me a drink then, because he gave YueYi one chocolate milk thing and he didn’t give us any! =( So I demanded a drink from him even when I was going home. He simply took out $4 from his wallet and passed it to us. He is filthy rich. I bet he won’t pick it up if he drops a $10 plastic note into the drain.

I bought MiniMelts for $3 together with Clarice&Olivia, and they bought Mamee(sp?) from Marc’s remaining $1. So there wasn’t anything left from the $4, haha. Thanks Marc, for your munneh.

Okay I am really sleepy and I have gotta continue with my other post now. Bye ): Sorry for this dumb and boring post because I am really that bored.


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