Ah Ma’s birthday.

We hurried up and left at 11am to set off to Bugis, where Ah Ma’s birthday will be held at. It was in a particular restaurant. Looked pretty highclass, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been there before. However, I think it improved a lot because I cannot remember having been there before.. this time it left a deep impression on me because the ambience was loved. If only we went at night for dinner, then it will be even better… Nevermind, let’s carry on!

We reached there pretty early to see my Aunt&some other people. I brought my camera along as forced by my brother because his’s had run out of battery.

Anyway, the first picture I took.


That thing on the table was enough to make me hungry. What’s with the peking duck and… most importantly.. abalone? 4-head somemore, if you can see clearly. My brother & I then went to talk about 堂心风暴 (Heart of Greed), and then talking about the lesser heads an abalone has, the better. Haha! Talked about Linda Chung and Moses Chan also 😛

Then all of a sudden, Korkor wanted to take a picture! (after I took picture of the stand or something).. so he tried to act cute and the result is…


He looked a little unwilling so I told him to take another picture.


And then my sister suddenly popped out and told us that she realised we were all wearing blue and half-frame spectacles, just that hers was a lighter shade of blue.

It’s true! Firstly, look at the pair of spectacles my brother was wearing on top.

Now mine..


And finally, sister’s


My sister was lamenting on how unhappy and ugly she looked in every picture I took. This is the best, even though it isn’t very nice. So… hahahaha if you think she’s ugly from this picture 😛

Yeah, come to think of it.. blue is teh trendz in our family. Haha! Half-frame is also teh trendz in our family 😛

Okay let’s move on.

Then Korkor wanted to take a picture of us..


Whatever I know my eyes are real small. It’s my genes okay! And I just realised that my sister put on spectacles in this picture. So my effort for the previous lines and pictures are wasted -_-” Nevermind, I’m not going to take them down! Waste of my time and effort lah hahaha.

So I found the camera uncomfortable so I let my mother keep it all the way until we finished eating.. (which is, time for dessert)

And time for cake! Haha..

The cake when it hasn’t been lit up

The cake when it has been lit up

Ah Ma very happy

The 2nd generation after Ah Ma (which is, Mummy/Papa’s generation)

The 3rd generation (which is MY generation :P)

By the way, XingHong(sp?)[the baby at the left] is not 3rd generation hor. Ah Mike Uncle want to come in ma.. haha! Chee Seng Kor Kor is from the 3rd generation, and XingHong is his son 🙂 Xin Ngee& the others also not.. (: I’m the youngest in the 3rd generation, so yeah you can eliminate some people.

From now on, all candid 😀

Singing Happy Birthday song to Ah Ma. Okay fine, I’m hiding behind. Korkor’s the cameraman.

I’m looking pissed off. Okay actually I’m not okay, just that I look pissed off in this photo because I didn’t know I was being captured!

Gee.. nothing much here

Everyone fighting to touch XingHong’s cheeks and play with her…

I spot my hair in the distance.

Sexyback 😀 Reminds me of JunJin.. AND ANYONE HAS TICKETS TO KPOP NIGHT?!??!?!!?

Nothing much here. Ah Ma looking lonely D:

My brother loves Ah Ma. Keep shooting her lol.

Ah Ma eating cake & Ah Mike Uncle stretching 😛

And after all that delicious eating.. We had to pay…

In case you can’t see, the total is $1521.25 including 7% GST.

WTH! One glass of orange juice costs $5.50 leh! If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have bought it!

Aww… this meal costed a bomb la!

Maybe not my money, but Papa’s pocket pain leh!!


Anyway, while returning home, I saw a car plate ‘SFJ3801L’ (or something)

My heart skipped a beat.

Whose car plate was that?

It was IN FRONT of me! With that irritating orange signal signalling that the car was turning right.

I suddenly remembered. Ms Chan’s car! And then I told everyone on the car that my form teacher was in front of me…

Then the car changed to right lane. I tell you she drove so fast we lost sight of her. Papa drove at 60km/h.

I SMS-ed her to find out that she forgot to turn off her signal… hahaha….

Okay, bye!

I’m off to LaTale! 😀


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