Malacca trip.

Haha.. Scary man.

Just now in the morning we had our tournament after some secondary school briefing. Chose CrescentGirls, followed by NanHuaHigh & then finally FuHua (: {for 2nd day}

The rest of CHOMY chose Clementi Town though o_O

Okay, then we played against Sherry’s team. I think less than 2 minutes the game completed liao lor. Their team is pro okay. D: But CHOMY spirit must be there!

Hmm, then after the tournament we went for Mother Tongue, which was supposedly recess because we had a secondary school fair thing going on afterwards. Gave some people my autograph book and now Clarice, Olivia, Yue Yi, Medeline, Chia Qi & Drima have written on it ๐Ÿ˜€

Hmm, then Mdm Seah SHOCKED us by telling us the Malacca trip was cancelled. We were like all complaining about the money we spent, time we spent persuading our parents, the trouble we went through trying to change money and somemore trouble. Then we were all super pissed off okay lol. She also said that the trip will be replaced with stuff like Clementi Idol and a trip to the Singapore Flyer -_-” Anyway, we went up to Level 6 lor, no choice.

Firstly, we went to River Valley, which was our classroom. Did I mention that we were supposed to go left in our direction of movement? 6/6 was River Valley, hehe. And then there was a really long talk on the CCAs and everything about RiverValley that they could possibly say. Then we took some pamphlets and then walked left happily to Jurong Secondary School ๐Ÿ˜€ Open house on November 21, 4pm to dunno when.

Then we walked one round and went in to JSS’s booth by the back door. Everything is “future” about their school, and for your information, their open house is on November 1 from 9.30am to 3.30pm ๐Ÿ˜€

Okay then went GESS’s booth and met 4 hyper people. While presenting cannot stop laughing. Okay the presentation was okay and Medeline received a lot of sweets and she happily munched on them haha. No open house =P

Went back hall for yet another allocation and went home D: Then Mdm Seah surprised us this time by telling us that the Malacca trip was not cancelled. Then we were sooooo happy and were telling one another that it only took 2 hours to settle the problem haha. Yea, now forget the trouble about telling my parents :P!

Okay bye.. Need to add some points to VIP2.


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