I is sad.

Evonne: Well, QUEENSTOWN sec crashes with Nan Hua–> 10am to 4pm!!!

Evonne’s tag ): (as you know)
But nevermind, I will prefer going to Nan Hua cos it is so much bigger!!!!!! More things to see and walk about!!!

By the way my Archives is under construction.
Caution: Wet Paint
Don’t touch it at the moment 😛 I’m trying to figure out the correct way of the HTML code.

By the way the class blogskin has been changed ): I prefer the previous one leh.. still. Becos I think it’s more “uniquely” 6/6 with that logo and everything ):

But anyway, must adapt, move away or die.
I choose to adapt.

I shall go add stuff to my blog template now 😀

See ya guys later!


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