Hmm.. I can’t find my 2003, 2004 and 2005 handbooks T_T I’ll dig them up soon, if they’re still here. But interesting stuff for you…


2006 handbook
Jan: 130cm, 26.5kg
May: 132.5cm, 29kg
June: 134cm, 30kg
July: 135cm, 30kg
August: 136cm, 30kg

What I gained 2.5kg in 4 months? Well, I probably maintained my weight for the west of the months because I played a lot of Ice&Freeze then 😀


2007 handbook
Mar: 140cm, 33kg (What.. 3kg in 2 months. THE WEIGHING SCALE SPOIL LAH)
July: 143cm, 33kg (.. 33kg)

I am starting to grow horizontally.

2008 handbook
Jan: 148cm, 37kg
Apr: 148.7cm, 38.5kg
Aug: ?cm, 40kg

Warao I want my 30kg weight. I need to learn.. How did I maintain like that in the past? How? I can’t believe it la!!!

Eww my growth spurt is slowing down. If only I will gain 0.7cm every 3 months from now 😀 Probably sum up to 2.8cm/year, and 5 years make it 14cm =O Okay I can go wait long long. But I only wish to reach the height of 165cm, and then can stop liao 🙂 I don’t want to grow too tall either 😀

Well, I may or may not reach 165cm. Afterall, my growth spurt is slowing down 🙂 And my parents are not very tall too.

But I got to stop growing horizontally at an insane speed. Really.

And some random photo my brother insisted on using my camera for -_-“

Silly expensive displays on his cupboard that I can hardly see with my miserable height(pokes above T_T)

Okay a closeup of a Singapore Airlines aeroplane. My brother said the whole set of 4 aeroplanes costed $100+ O_O Bought when Mummy came home from HongKong when I was in Primary 2.


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