Haven’t update.

Yes I know I haven’t update hahaha.
I shall rush through this post.
Note: Will be wordy wor. Wall of text. No pictures allowed in school, and I was a lil lazy today 😛

Hmm, today this morning we gathered at the hall again to watch the finals of the Interclass Tournament 😀

In the end, 6/4 Team 1 emerged as the winner for girls, while I don’t know for the boys.

We were called to the back in the middle of the game to fold some papers to do some “background” for a windmill drawing and colouring afterwards.

In the middle of the game, we all went up and did all the art. Then I was looking around for inspiration when I chanced upon this checkered tablecloth in a drawing.

Then I started drawing lines. After that Medeline was like, “OMG WE DRAWING THE SAME THING!!!!”

Then I was like, “Waaaaaaaaaaaaa we got same thing how!!” So Medeline decided to be the good guygirl this time and edited her drawing and made the pattern look like triangles 😀

Thanks yew ah.

Okay then I chose pink and green after drawing all the checkered boxes. After I finished DRAWING, Clarice had already finished colouring one side of the paper -_- What a fast progress I have.

Then I started colouring one box by one box. So pathetic. Pink oil pastel for the first box and dark blue coloured marker for the 2nd box. Green oil pastel for the 3rd and lastly red coloured marker for the final triangle on the ONE side of the piece of paper.

In the middle we were interrupted and we had to go for recess. Since today was Ms Chan’s birthday, we were getting ready all the cake, candles, knives, and everything needed to be prepared. Sze Ling hid in a corner while I tried to destroy all evidence that related to her birthday, muahaha.

Okay then Clarice went to get a lighter from someone because all the 7 stalls open in the canteen do not have ): Then we managed to get one, lit the candles and then went to look for Mrs Koh because she had just come down!

We were like pleading her to call Ms Chan down and then she finally made a call. We were like “Yes!!!!” and then ran off to see SzeLing. Then we stood around and went to the Talents’ Corner to “fetch” Ms Chan. Our excuse was that boys were shouting vulgarities and fighting with each other. Dumb excuse, because most of the boys were still in the art room, ridiculous right, LOOL!

Then she had to send 6/2 off to the Yakult Factory before she could come into the canteen. At first, we were all acting normal. But upon reaching the 2nd sink, I counted ‘1, 2, 3’. Then Medeline&Evonne&I started the ball rolling with singing ‘Happy Birthday to youu….’ and the cliche song goes on while everyone joined in to shout and scream.

Ms Chan was very embarrassed I think, lol. She was like covering her ears and then hiding her face in the sink because we had attracted the attention of everyone in the canteen. Then after singing finish, we were clapping like crazy lol. 6/6 spirit is like that one lah, as long as some people are in the class. Note: Crazy people, LOL!

AFter that she went to the yellow chess table and then cut the cake and stuff while we crowded around her. Then after that we had to line up for our cake then I got it. I ate it, and then the chocolate part was damn rich okay. It was like sticking to the plate and then… just rocks. Heard from SzeLing that it costs not very cheap =D But not very expensive also, considering its mass.

Mrs Koh got a lion’s share, and she got to jump the queue, LOL!

Hmm then we dumped it away after eating and YueYi&I went to buy H2o+Blueberry because the chocolate made my throat very dry and I was feeling a little uncomfortable S: Okay then after drinking, Clarice&Huiping&Olivia&Medeline&YueYi gathered together and talked about loads of crap. Haha. Lol the CHOMY thing was invented by SzeLing.

Then Ms Chan brought us up and I continued colouring until 12pm when it was Mother Tongue. No more patience ma[I had to colour box by box okay], so I returned the coloured markers to Mrs Koh and then headed for Mother Tongue.

During MT we watched Doraemon(right???? I not sure LOL) I know it’s xiaodingdang lah anyway. Then GohWeiLing&Ines came in. Was shocked and then more 6/6 pupils streamed in to watch with us. Lol, then watched all the way to 12.50pm++ then PLS dismissed us early (:

After that, went home and did somemore art. Then at 2.39pm, I went to bathe and prepare for badminton. (cos didn’t wanna go at first) Then bathed, hairdry, change clothes, tie hair in 15 minutes. 2.54pm I stepped out of house. Pro right, LOL!!! Never been so fast in my life can.

Then walked slowly to CC because I told Chloe.O that I will be late already. Then nearing CC (just beside the 881 Kopitiam thing), Chloe.O told me to bring an extra racquet because Huiting needs one. So I said I will get it for her and then I ran back to home and took the gray racquet. Placed back the net because there wasn’t enough space in the racquet holder already, and then my sister teased me by asking me why I came home again -_-“

So I dashed off to the lift and then ran back to CC. Reached there pretty fast(I think the whole process took about 7 minutes, looking at my handphone timing at which Chloe.O called me and when I reached the same location again) and then passed the racquet. Then blahblah drank loads of water and then refilled my 600ml bottle(it may seem peanuts to you but I often go home with a full water bottle during school)

Okay, then played played played. Today I was dead, and Chloe.O owes me a pinkcoffin hohoh. Played until 5pm then loads of people left. And then HT+Chloe.O+me were playing. Found out that HT made it to NanyangGH’s DSA O_O GohWeiLing…

Okay then we had to go soon. Collected money and then headed to book court for tomorrow.(I’m not sure if i’m going or not because I know my mother is going to skew me today if I tell her.) Then that guy at the counter helpdesk give us attitude again -_-” It’s like we were standing there wanting to book then he kept making me repeat my BC number. Then after that, he keyed in and then don’t know how many ages he took, just like the previous time. Excuse me lar, you earn money for doing this?!?! He was like making us wait happily like the previous time with both my siblings.

Time to make a feedback.

Okey so went back to finish my art and pack my stuff for dragonboating tomorrow. Thne I realised I had no sandals after asking Mummy&Sister -_-” I have totally no sandals at home mygosh even my brother and father also brought it to work already. Practically everything is slippers lor. My shoe rack is messy okay and it has loads of rubbish. Actually my shoe rack = storeroom ahahah XD Next time you come to my house I show you my beautiful shoe rack. Dim and beautiful, what a romantic atmosphere. I can spend quality time there with my family looking for shoes.

So I told Mommy I wanted to head down to Bata immediately to get sandals 😀 Got one already, not Bubblegummers please. Then headed home fast after buying IceBlended. A cool notice beside it wrote, “Our creamer is imported from Holland.” lol!!!

Okay then tried my sandals after asking the person to punch an extra hole because it was pretty loose ;| It’s still loose now actually, damn that salesperson who kept my shoes immediately after punching the holes, without even letting me try it =.=; Somemore I gave them the zzz face already and they continued wrapping the shoes back and putting it in the darn plastic.

Why do I remember all the bad services instead of the good ones..

Okay got irritated and then she even went to answer her OWN handphone zzz And then when she asked whose shoebox(a random one) was that, then this lady(her colleague) said, “那个pui eh的.” [that fat person’s]

I mean seriously I was in front of them they think I speak English to them means I don’t know Chinese issit. I looked to the direction and then yes, I saw the perfect description of what they mentioned. I got a little pissed off at them also.

Then before I bought the shoes, I checked the display item. $29.95 which was on offer, and then it was now $25. Then when I paid for it, it was only $15!! Somemore they scanned bar code. Either those silly people key in wrongly or something. Thanks for the free $10 anyway, or maybe it’s really on offer.

Serves them right, they need to learn a lesson. Are they so desperate that they engage rude people like that?

Went home to try and it didn’t fit very well =.=” And somemore the woman punch the hole until very terrible lor, it’s like out of the place lor!!! [all the way to the right]

I am pissed off at Bata. But what can I do, I do not have sandals.. Nevermind, I can go there for cheap deals. [not school shoes]

I encounted bad services today. Bad bad..

Sorry for the long post. I shall go make a wonderful feedback now. Not on Bata.. but..

I miss you loads.


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