Malacca briefing + JSS Open House.

I remember I used to beg my maid(maybe 10 or 9 years ago) to set up a bathtub and then I will put up rubber ducks and all sorts of animals around me and play with them.

Oh faeces I miss my childhood[as in the years when I was a baby and a toddler].

I miss the Ice Milo she makes. It’s perfect. I have to practise making it.. so I shall make one for myself right now.

I wish I can go back to the time when I just came out from my mother’s womb =(

Task list:
Water Plants

Gosh I believe I forgot to update yesterday and I didn’t know!

Hmm, went there with Clarice&YueYi. YueYi’s parents also not going, just like me, teeheehee.

Okay then went to the cool hall to sit down and meditate. Then Medeline was there liao, and Olivia came shortly.

The talk started then I was speedwriting for fun. 😀

I find it fun that you have to rushhhhh and catch up with what he is saying. I lovee that feeling! So for any speedwriting next time, do feel free to consult me hoho.

But my handwriting may not be readable… so….


Erm, we were told to bring about 50RM with us and stuff like that. Adaptor.. etc. All the things you expect lah. (cos from the BeiJing trip mah)

Okay then talk talk talk and then used Olivia’s private transport home together with CHOM. Yueyi’s father went to fetch her home.

Hmm today…
Jurong Secondary School Open House =O

First went to the booth to get a goodie bag=DDD Something I’ve always enjoyed.

Signed up and then went to classroom.

Was thinking what’s so different about that classroom like the woman has said, but I found out that only 2 classrooms are the ‘newer’ ones. The rest all same as us.

I love CPS classrooms!!

They’re huge, bright and yea stuff. Good learning environment. ❤ CPS.

Okay then went to Pulse Studio. And the blue curtain is so cool can!! You stand near it and then your face will be on the screen, hehe!


Then went to the Math&Sci room. Got a decoration and then went to the Human room lol.

They kept asking about Global Warming (most of the questions) and then the classroom was soo stuffy. Asked what is Global Warming & CFC. So we were wondering, the school got so many places with aircon. Then got this kind of questions. Ironic right.

Okay then got bored so went around walking. Got coke and then went home 😀

Saw Ameline&Geraldine&Vanes&TanWeiLing while heading home.

Okay I’m off.

I just posted a Stomp article o_O


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