You know I just came home from Malacca, unpacked all the things that I bought…

And then ate spaghetti…. then~ Mother called me!

Translated to English:

Mommy: Hello, come back already mah?
Me: Haven’t.
Mommy: Aiyo, so late haven’t come back ah.

Then she put down the phone and I was thinking for a while until I realised….


THE next second my handphone started ringing!!

Went to answer then was filled with laughter because my maid, my sister and I were laughing =P Then Mommy call me Wang Ba Dan, hahaha!!

Okay I bought craploads of rubbish at Malacca.

Did I take a picture?

Okay I go take picture now..

388 pictures awaiting you.

Will finish this post by tomorrow(TRY) and then try to finish VIP1 before school ends.

Oh noes I have a long way to go.


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