2PM got pwned XD

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hey u forgot to mention something
they even shopped LEGO~ LOL



when they were trying to get a cab LOL



about speaking english
im not very confirm that everyone is speaking but at least i heard nickhun, jaybeom, taec…
they spoke to other members by using english

ChanSung is really nice.He always smile so brightly when he saw my lightboard,when we are chasing him in the car,i didn’t switch on the light of my board,so he just stared at it.When the light is switch on.He suddenly smiled at it.I think he is abit amaze by his own board.Another one on ChanSung is he move around alot and really love dancing.Even when he is sitting down, he still move around and trying to dance when he is sitting down.

Also not just him, the rest of them too.They can walk and than suddenly just use dancing steps.ChanSung was in marina square and he actually moon walk.we were all amaze by that.LOL~


This pic should be the day they are shopping at marina square.I think they took it when they were shopping.We didn’t follow them into the shop but just stand outside to wait for them.They are quite insterested in eletronics things.And one thing funny that, even sales girls and ppl walking pass them think they are really handsome.They went into a VCD shop and look around, suddenly the sales girls say in chinese that wow those guys are really handsome~hehe.

They went into another shop,than my friend went to ask the male cashier.Are they handsome~hahahah.The male cashier replied yes.This shows how attractive they are to both male and female~~~

another funny thing about them, they were trying to get cab.So they went to ask the cab uncle, in the end the cab rejected them since i think they are trying to squeeze all 7 of them in.

side note: they actually speak english among themselves.^^

Hahaha they got rejected for a cab.

And omg they went to shop at Lego.

I regret staying at home on November 5.

At least I should have just stepped out of my house and walked around Singapore lor.. ;|

Becos all the stars were staying till night T_T


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