Forgot to blog about today, so here goes~

Hmm, today started day with book, then stayed in hall cos classmates had some prize giving stuff and then Ms Chan told us to remain. But we were allowed to play.. sooo yay!

First played Murderer&Detective, then played HeartAttack, then played DareOrDare. Haha. Then went back to class for some ‘briefing’ on the day the PSLE results will be released. Oooo… I’m getting scared.. I hope I get something like 250 lah. I hope I don’t get 220 and below >.< Because I screwed up some of the papers and my oral already ;{

Then went for Chinese, watched Hearty Paws. Very tempted to go YouTube to wtach but I restrain myself because I wanna find out for myself. Or else like that tomorrow I watch no more kick mah!

Okay then went for recess, ate fishball soup and then went back to class to play again.

Then play play play until dismissal, went to put bag outside music room, then ate before changing into our choir uniforms.

Ms Chia says she’s intending to change the design of the choir uniform, lol~

Hmm, then had Speech Day rehearsal lor. The consent form stated 3.30pm dismissal, but we were only out at 4.40pm++

Wah piangz, I wanted to stay at home okay.

But nevermind. We lerant the finale (the song ‘Reach’), and then stuff.

Overall today was a pretty sleepy day. Oh, I slept during assembly today 😀

I slept slept slept[I think maybe 2 to 3 minutes] then jerked awake when Ms Chan shouted :X

Can’t believe it. I slept during assembly haha. From my P2 blog I enjoyed assembly in the past T_T Embarassing to know that, because I blogged like I was so childish.

But I believe, 4 years from now, I will find myself childish typing like this too ;D

Okay nothing much.

Did you people enjoy scrolling through the picture post down there?

Well, it was tiring to scroll myself. -_-“


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