Prom Dress!

Ahaha, going Orchard soon, so shall have a quick update.

Umm, today went to school as usual, but went up after National Anthem to the hall’s gallery.

Stayed there for a while until Ms Chan asked me whether I wanted to help Ms Tiey.

Yeah. So VincentLo&Daniel&ZhiXun&Evonne&QianQian&I went to 6/2 to look for Ms Tiey. Got some stuff, and we were requested to re-arrange and organise some stuff in the Parents’ Corner :] Also told to put up a Questionnaire, I think 2 questions per board? >.>

Umm okay then played Murderer&Detective while waiting for Ms Tiey, then when she came, she instructed us to do further stuff so yeah we carried on.

But less than 2 minutes I think Bowen from 6/2 came down to tell us to go up for some stuff cos Ms Chan was finding us.

Turns out that it was GUY [Growing Up Years]. I’m starting to regret not blogging more often during P5, cos I totally forgot what happened last time already, haha. And then Szeling’s blog also accidentally deleted >.<;;

Talked a lot about BGR and Molest, plus flashing hahha.. It is always fun when it comes to GUY because everyone will be joking around ;x And yeah, the whole class will crack up in laughter. But today’s lesson not very funny cos no one dared to joke ;S Ms Chan wanted a serious lesson.

Went for recess then stayed back for a while after recess to do some stuff in Parents’ Corner again. Well, I am good at killing ants. Expert in fact. Ask Evonne/ZhiXun why!

Erm then went up for Chinese after that. I saved a lot of BluTac(however you spell it) lor! Don’t know who waste so much.

Okay going Orchard liao.



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