Sad lah.

Today’s officially the last day of school [days that are compulsory] D; Olivia didn’t come again -_-” Well, after PSLE ended on October 8 I felt sooo happy because I thought we would have a lot of time to play and enjoy. But I was wrong… I’m so glad there’s no I&E this year. Time passed really fast when you’re having fun. Fortunately, 6/6 ’08 spent loads of time together playing… enjoying… so much that we lost track of time, and it’s already a month.

Went to school, then read a book. I believe this will be the final time I will be taking out a book in school to read :[ So sad…. I will not open my bag and look for a book anymore.. or talk to the friends around me as I get scolded.

Then together with all my friends, we went up to the classroom. Helped Ms Chan tidy the class a bit because it was ‘Use Your Hands Campaign Day’. Aaaah it’s already the 3rd this year… time did pass really fast eh.

After slacking a lot(haha YueYi), Ms Chan assigned a task to Medeline&Szeling&Lloyd&Me. We were told to colour the cloth thing meant for 2/7[Ms Chan said she was going to teach 2/7 and I was like HUH?!?] It was very irritating because the cloth kept stretching and moving and we couldn’t colour properly! In the end the results still okay lah. Red + Pink = Rocks.

Then went for recess. Had fishball soup πŸ˜€ Then went Parents’ Corner to help Ms Tiey with the stuff there. I kept hurrying them.. “Faster leh.. you don’t want to listen to Ms Chan’s last words meh…” Then Ms Tiey came and we further hurried, and that was really fast because we were all moving and running about.

Then ran all the way to the gallery because DarrenFong had come down to inform us that the whole of 6/6 was at the gallery. We were like O_O because everyone was moving chairs to the hall, probably for Speech Day. Then reached there and Ms Chan passed to us a form telling us about the release of PSLE results and PSLE posting results. Ooo.. so sad.

I hope I can get like 255> leh.. Still very scared about it.

Hmm, then went Science Lab because the P1 teachers kept speaking and then Ms Chan couldn’t hear herself. Then dismissed after she got her message across to us.

Went for Choir and then ChiaQi&Me did some stocktaking after that[however you call it]. After that went to canteen because YuJing had exclaimed to ChiaQi how delicious the soya bean was in Store 1 and then ChiaQi got tempted. Then the auntie said she will be giving both of them a packet of soya bean to bring home. They were like ‘OMG.. It’s so great! Top-quality lor!!!!’ and I was like O_O after I drank the drink because it was like.. -_- I didn’t like soyabean in the first place anyway.

Then she sold Apple Aloevera and stuff for only 50c because it was the last day of school. Meh, I will miss the storeowners in school loads. Plus a free packet from ChiaQi(not meant for me, obviously) to bring home for my family πŸ˜€

Cameras allowed tomorrow.. probably. And I’ll be wearing my Choir uniform for the whole day πŸ˜€ Maybe lah. Or I bring a shirt. Cos’ after Finale maybe very hot mah =o

Whatever it is,

I will miss Primary School. I love you love you love you 6/6.

Today went off looking at the school like very sadly lor. ]:

Tomorrow is the last day. I hope I don’t cry D: I have make-up okay.


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