Sickening fans.

I have a problem with some fans manz.

Nevermind…. too angry to elaborate.

Just read my forum post lah.

just to clear something here.

SunMi DID NOT look at your cam. I looked again and again, and the reason why she TURNED BACK when she was walking was because you TOUCHED HER, AND SHE OBVIOUSLY FELT UNCOMFORTABLE which can obviously be seen FROM HER EXPRESSION.

IF SHE HAD LOOKED AT YOUR CAM, the eyes should be directly facing US, but now she is looking down. MOST FANS probably held their cameras high up to shoot a better quality video, THUS when she looks down she is obviously looking below your head, and probably LOOKING AT WHO TOUCHED HER.

didn’t apple and one other person clapped to this beat saying no body contact? didn’t they? so why can’t you follow rules?

and yeah, this will seriously give them a very bad impression of singapore if everyone had touched them like you do! can you not be so self-centred and actually care for the wonderfuls as a whole?

i could touch ye eun and sun mi considering where i was standing, but i choose not to. why? i respect them and their PRIVACY because i know they do not like strangers touching them from nowhere.

please get this clear and respect them. sorry if i am too harsh. thanks.


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