Looking at Chalang Chalang performance by Wonder Girls just reminds me of the torture I went through 1 month before PSLE.

That time I only have a few videos (maybe 10~20+) and then I was limited. But I thought Chalang Chalang was really nice, cos WonderGirls looked VERY pretty there and their voices rocked hell there.

Then I would take a break every 3 hour I work. Every hour I work I get 5 minutes of rest, so that equals to 15 minutes. I will reply the Chalang Chalang performance 4 times, and that will wake me up yeah, Wonder Girls is awesome I know :}

If not, I will play RuneScape and go fishing. Those days I thought fishing was really fun because whole day I was stuck with my books. Now when I go fishing on RuneScape it’s so boring that I can sleep.

That time, if I could actually sleep, it would be great, but always sleep only 15minutes. And I will wake up to the irritating sound of Marisa Stole The Precious Thing(go YouTube it or something) -_-” cos I set an alarm.

Yawn. Miss those days really. Even though they were torturous and stuff like that, I could actually experience REAL FUN when I play dumb games like ClubPenguin&RuneScape.

Looking forward to Sec1 next year…
&crap, results are tomorrow.

Wish me luck yea? Geee..


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