Sian still very confused leh.

Should I apply for RV or not?

I am striking of NJC as one of my choices because I called in to ask just now and they said about 1/2 of the slots are already taken up by DSA. So only 75 left.

So somemore I fighting with all the pros, and it’s not very near my house also, so forget it XD

Went for RV’s information talk today. It’s just beside HortPark can lol~!

Hmm, basically it’s everyonething that I’ve already heard before during the RV talk in our school…

The VP was quite okay lah, humourous? Lol..

But still don’t know if I can make it there lo…. >.<

Should I try or not?

First choice to last choice
River Valley High School (254)
Crescent Girls’ School (243)
Bukit Panjang Government High School (243)
Commonwealth Secondary School (239)
Nan Hua High School (247)
Fairfield Methodist Secondary School (237)

Yeah.. Kind of lah.

Realistic or not?? Or am I wasting choices?

Please don’t ask me why I put NHHS as 5th choice. I don’t really like the plaiting part and the school compound :S Happy? Now stop asking me to go NHHS lol!


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