You know I have a serious problem with some copycats.

They copy everything from your blog….

Okay not exactly everything.

Everything that stands out, they copy.

If they register for their own account or something then no problem.

But some of them ah *tsktsk* use YOUR code leh.

Sometimes I really want to cancel the code I used and upload again. And you will see nothing except a “This picture has been moved or deleted.” Hehehe I chuckle at that thought.

But I decided not to spend so much time of them because they are just a bunch of useless fools who don’t know how to credit eh?

What’s more they think that their “loot” is 100% theirs so they go around promoting it. “Eh, you got put this on your blog or not? Very nice leh”

*tsk tsk tsk*

Le sigh..


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