Looks like I forgot to blog yesterday :X

I watched the SHINee reality show again.. 3 episodes in total yesterday, and then for one, Minho got picked.

Always looked down on Minho and thought he was the kind that cannot communicate with the person, and will be quiet and shy around her.

But then he held her up, put his hands around her, and then got a gift for her leh. Cos it was a surprise and he didn’t plan this earlier on, he quickly went to get a book, wrote a message, then buy a cake…

& the girl cried okay.. Other dates with other girls right, those members did not manage to make the girl cry…

Was so touching. Wanted to cry together with her ah, ahaha. Maybe now I like Minho πŸ˜› & Key knows how to cook and keep nagging at Taemin hahahha. Mother & Son!

The whole reality show is damn funny & nice lah. I have to admit it’s better than MTV Wonder Girls :X And my sister says that it pwns Super Junior Adonis Camp badly, because the suju series the activities all very boring, lol~


Now I like the whole of SHINee 😑

SHINee&the awesome reality show ROCKS!


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