Okay I am really slow in posting ok.

Today(29 November) went to IMM(lolol) to buy a blouse for myself for later’s wedding.

Bought some really casual stuff and then came home to prepare? 😀

Then Mommy&Korkor came home. Found out Papa wasn’t going.

Then we headed to Hotel Royal. My brother parked at the wrong carpark -_- more on that later.

So I was wearing heels(about 3 inches) because I wanted to be taller than my sister and then I walked with difficulty to the hotel lol. Then we managed to get there… something shocking to me was that wherever we went, they would say, “Oh, the wedding for Alan and Sky? Walk straight ahead blablablablabla”

It’s like the whole hotel knew la!

Okay then went in. The orange juice was great. And then my brother received this free parking thing, but sadly not applicable because he parked in the wrong carpark opposite from the hotel -_-“

Okay then everything started, they came in, all the strings, blabla. Then speech. Then start eating. Then walk in again. Then now throw petals. Now give speech and then the champagne thing. Then continued eating. Then got YamSeng. LOL!

Oh the 2nd walk-in right, they used the HSM song on Evonne’s blog. I was like o_o what’s that song.. so familiar. And when I heard that it was a duet(a male came in to sing), I was like exclaiming, “WHY ARE THEY USING A HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL SONG FOR A WEDDING?!?!?!”

Then we went home before the abalone, noodles and dessert was served because my dad was coping with the work alone ): So went back early without the abalone.. noodles and mango pudding.. T_T BUT WHY DO WE ALWAYS HAVE TO STAY FOR RED BEAN PUDDING? Nice dessert don’t stay, some rubbish dessert make me stay for so long…

Okay I won’t write much. Then went to Papa’s shop and slacked around? 😀

No pictures today, sorry!



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