The best dream I had.

The best dream I had in my entire life.

Before I slept, I told my sister “I will think of JongHyun before I sleep” She was like “Hahaha yea yea” -_-“

Then… dream started.

Haiz, I just knew I was in a performance. Then when I came out of the backstage, I saw SHINee!!

I was like hmm, SHINee!! Cos my performance mates also came out to greet them. Then I came out with wet hands(my palm wasn’t wet, but the rest of my fingers were) shaking their hands(omg… I felt it in my dream..)

Firstly I shaked Onew’s first. I was like, “OMG ONEW!!!!!!!” (said that in my dream)

Then I don’t know who’s 2nd, and then I shook hands with JONGHYUN!!!!!!!! OMG~!!!!!!!1

I was like “JONGHYUN I LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!!!” And I don’t know if I watched too much of SHINee’s reality show or what, he lifted up my hand and gave me the eyes whether I want a kiss on the hand or not.

I was like “No need, I am not the noona in the SHINee reality show!!!”


Then they laughed!! OMG THE WHOLE OF SHINEE LAUGHED LAH!! And Onew was being super cute as usual, and I saw Taemin’s high cheeks laughing!!! Then Jonghyun was like doing his fingers(the Nobody nobody but chiu fingers) AND I LOL-ED TOGETHER WITH THEM!!

So I requested to take a photo and they rejected. But I quickly took one with my handphone. And when I checked my handphone, the picture wasn’t there! Stupid error!!! I hated my handphone(black W850i) then and I wished I had brought my camera. Then Evonne came and whipped out her camera. And after I looked behind, SHINee was gone T_T Poof like that.

Then I ran around the school finding them. OKAY I CONFIRM IT’S A SCHOOL PERFORMANCE. Then I saw a lot of teachers but I didn’t give a damn because I was looking for SHINee. Then I ran to the car porch.. and saw SHINee!

Then I went on this van together with my sister(don’t know when she appeared). And then I was sitting beside the driver.. think it was Sooyoung from Girls’ Generation -_-” Cos I went to see her picture earlier.

Then drove. AND LOL SHINEE WAS TAILING AT THE SIDE OF US. I don’t know what vehicle was that, it looked like a bicycle but it was holding 5 members, plus there was an umbrella at the top(lol?). Taemin was the driver!!! And then when they drove to the right(we were driving in front), THEN THEY MADE A DETOUR TO FOLLOW US!! Oooo I felt like heaven. Then they zoomed up beside us and then I heard Minho’s deep voice saying, “What character are you playing?” or something like that. My sister & I was “Huh?” and all of a sudden our van got faster.

Then they followed again and asked the same question in English, “What character are you playing?” I thought their English is not good(yeah the reality part kicks in) and thought they said something wrong. So I waited.. then they dropped off at this transparent practising room(wth??) and to my surprise, OUR VAN ALSO DROPPED OFF THERE!!!

Then we were queueing for some shop or whatever, and then SHINee got into the room. Then I created a heart with my hand pointing to them AND OMGGG JONGHYUN DID THE SAME THING BACK TO ME!!!! And then I saw Key at the side with his both ears pierced!!!! Plus the cartilage!! Then I was like pointing at him and “OMG KEY!!!!!!” And then all of SHINee was looking at me T_T I loved that feeling.

Then 3 big burly men were queueing right in front of the practising room then I attempted to cut queue and they pushed me back T_T All of the sudden the door opened. Then they were dancing to Wonder Girls So Hot!!! So now I knew what they mean by what character I was playing!! I thought Wonder Girls = A character, LOL!!!! So I was intending to do Wonder Girls – Nobody with my sister. When my sister first saw that we had to dance inside(I think it was for some audition or something), she was like, “Oh no no no, don’t want”

And when the 3 big burly men came out, I walked in and..


I woke up T_T I never wanted to woke up.

The dream was perfect. Flawless. I loved it.


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