Bad luck streak.

Wa lao today SIBEI suay can.

Okay nevermind.

Today went to IMM to supposedly buy a puzzle. But one puzzle that we saw was $61 so Papa said it was too expensive then never buy lor ):

Then walked around and bought the gift for SG SHINee Mass Gathering XD Didn’t take the picture of before because I requested for wrapping on the spot but I’ll ask the person to help me take a picture of it when that person receives it 😛 Christmas give exchange among SG SHINee World. Can’t wait!

Here it is in it’s original wrapping.


Hmm then we walked around 😀 And stuff. Then went Kopitiam to eat. Fish&Chips & MangoMilkIce for dessert, haha.

I am not going to get fat manzxzxzxzxz. Hoi a good treat once in a while what..

Then went home sadly.

Okay my bad luck streak. Let me talk about it.

In the morning, I got owned by Korkor badly in Minesweeper Flags. Then in IMM… aww.

1st, we took a bus with a fishy smell and sweat smell that I seriously couldn’t tahan. And seriously I wanted to puke okay. Puke!! You know how unbearable it is? Sweat + Fish. Hate those inconsiderate people who don’t know that their groceries stink up the whole bus.

2nd, we went to IMM for nothing because Papa didn’t let us buy the puzzle.

3rd, when I went home I took the bus 105, I had to stand. And suddenly after I go on board the bus I got a stomach ache. I bent down and then the bus jerked and I fell on my sister. Then it became worse and I wanted to get out as soon as possible to puke you know.

4th, after I got down, I was sooo happy that I did not need to smell the aircon-smell(I hate it) anymore. So seconds before I alighted I said, “Yay fresh air.” And then when I got out I smelt dog poo everywhere wth.

5th, after I walked to the shelter already(quite far from the bus stop where I smelt dog poo), I still smelt dog poo. Then I rubbed my shoes about and some smeared dog poo came off my shoe. Yuck.

Now it’s in the toilet getting ready to wash and I have serious bad luck today.

Oh man I will never forget December 6 2008. Super suay.


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