AND SOMEMORE 22DEC TO 29DEC. I thought I would be really happy because I will be celebrating Christmas there!!


SHINee who has debuted for only half a year but has already received the Best Newcomer Award at the MKMF, did not fail to disappoint recently as they picked up the YEPP Best Newcomer Award at the Korean Golden Disk Award, they have also been confirmed to be going coming to Taiwan on 24/12 (Wednesday) to promote their first album [AMIGO], hence becoming the third SM Entertainment group to go to Taiwan this year after their sunbaes, Super Junior and Dong Bang Shin Ki.

SHINee who is basking under the glory of winning at two major music awards, managed to squeeze out a rare 3 days trip after much negotiations despite their increasingly hectic schedule, dedicating their Christmas which is a festival important to all Koreans to Taiwan, besides this is also the ‘first Christmas’ for SHINee ever since their debut. With regards to this the members all express excitedly, “Wahahahaha! We can finally go to Taiwan. Everytime we can only listen to Super Junior sunbaenim talk about how great Taiwan is and now we are also going to Taiwan too!”

SHINee whose 5 members have an average age of 17, comprises of leader Onew(18 years old) and members, Jonghyun(18 years old), Key(17years old), Minho(17 years old) and Minho Taemin (15 years old) who are all high school student. Even though SHINee is young, each member are really multi-talented, and are indeed elites of the elites. For example, before debut, Minho was chosen as a main model at Korea’s leading Deisgner Ha Saeng Baek’s fashion show for his tall build and pretty looks, Taemin was a rookie who wowed all Korean dance instructors with his amazing dancing skills at the age of 14 and Jonghyun’s powerful vocals has also been put to show earlier in a duet done with Jang Ri In for her first Chinese Album [I Will] in the song [Wrongly Given Love] etc.

SHINee who has captured all noona’s hearts with their debut single [Noona, you are so pretty] has also became popular everywhere instantly with their unique and original ‘short track dance’ from the song. This trendy ‘short track dance’ has not only become a popular dance step for all korean teens to compete in imitating, even seniors Super Junior were also dancing to it at public performances and radio shows.

Other than that, with all the love from the ‘Noona Army’, SHINee’s first album [The SHINee World] managed to top Korea’s album sales charts and their title track [Love Like Oxygen] has also managed to received first place at popular music show Inkigayo. At the end of the year when all major artistes are coming their comebacks, SHINee still manages to stay at the ‘strongest newcomer’ position, even senior Dong Bang Shin Ki gave SHINee a thumbs up and praised that they are really a great and very powerful group.

Now, after working so hard in Korea for more than half a year, SHINee is finally giving their last overseas trip in 2008; and also their first Christmas holidays, to Taiwan. SHINee will be coming for an estimated length of 3 days 2 night (12/24-12/26) to promote their new repacked album [AMIGO], but because the trip to Taiwan has been last minute and it clashes with the Christmas festival, the records company will be rushing to plan all the schedules for the trip, as of now, there will be a public promotional activity, more news will be released once everything is confirmed, SHINee’s first album version C [AMIGO] Asia Special Edition has also been released in Taiwan too!

Source: Avex Taiwan
Translations Credits: atlantis-x


SHINee’s Shining Christmas In Taiwan “One and Only Handshake Event”

Date: 2008/12/25 (Thursday)
Time: 20:00PM Start
Venue: Taipei International Conference Center, Level 2, Room 101

Entry Criteria: Queuing with SHINee’s Version C album [AMIGO] full album. (No inner booklets only, no notes or mini album CD)

*All handshake event participants will be able to receive a limited edition of a set of Christmas cards made to commemorate SHINee’s first visit to Taiwan”

Source: SHINee闪耀星球
Translations Credits: atlantis-x

Read the bolded parts. They’re more important.


If they leave on the 22nd or the 29th still okay. Cos maybe I can meet them at the airport 😀 BUT WHAT THE HECK WHY ARE THEY LEAVING ON THE 24TH? And somemore spending Christmas at Taiwan…..

Bleah. SS501, SJM & SHINee not in Korea during the time we are there. What’s more?


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