Maybe I’m really too pampered xD

Yesterday night Korkor and Sister was meddling with their iPod Touch-es and then Mummy came in. Then she ask why I don’t want to buy. I was like, “Of course want la! But who pay money? ^^”

Then she was like… “Ask Papa pay lor.”

Then my brother and sister protested. “OI!!!! CANNOT BUY FOR HER!!!!!”

Then Papa came and asked whats the commotion about. Then he say, “Hahaha, I help you pay, then from your bank I transfer to mine la.”

Then I was like, “Hahaha, no la my bank cannot draw cos I’m not 12 yet.” (is this true? i doubt my words too LOL!!)

Then Papa said.. “Okay lor, you go buy lor. Later take my gold card.”

I was like O_O you sure or not. And my brother reluctantly went to do the online ordering for me, haha~

Btw it’s a REFURBISHED iPod Touch @ 16GB for about $300. Okay lah right >.> They use 2nd hand parts, but still got warranty ma, and they repackage with a totally new iPod Cover, so maybe that’s better afterall ;D

Currently waiting for..

1. iPod to arrive on either 16th or 17th NovemberDecember.
2. HQ pictures from Sha.


Why is it taking so long to upload ah?

Edit: Thanks Evonne for informing me it’s December not November :X


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