This morning got scammed by a cab driver.

So we told the Uncle to head to River Valley High School, AND his tone made us feel that he knew how to get there, so we happily went on it.

Then he went on an unknown route, so I thought maybe he knew how to get there. So we just followed.

But when he reached River Valley Road I gave Mummy the eye signal that it’s wrong. And when my mom confronted him, he said that he thought it was at River Valley Road and stuff like that, giving loads of excuses saying that Mummy didn’t tell him earlier that it is not here.. bla bla bla.

So in the end I caleld my sister and she didn’t know. So we were stuck on the cab with a stuck-up driver who thinks that he knows everything, refusing to admit his mistake.

Then, I decided to ask the clever people. I called River Valley High School’s Office. At least they gave good directions. Bleh.

Then the cab driver was like “OH, SO IT’S THERE. NEVER SAY EARLIER” bla bla bla. And he even charged us $10. From the original price of $14 because he had taken a big round. But Mummy just paid him all the same because we didn’t know the correct price.

On the way back from RVHS, the cab fare was only $6. What the heck.

I am damn pissed off with the cab driver for

1. Wasting my time.
2. Scolding us when he didn’t even know how to get there.
3. Refusing to admit his mistake.

Oh well, the car plate number is SHC2412X. Remember that. When I first saw that we were on a different route, I noted down the car plate in my Drafts immediately.



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