My trip to Korea will mean..

Missing of Programmes…

1. Music Bank on December 5 which will be featuring..
; SHINee – A.Mi.Go including the dance solo T_T
; DBSK – Don’t Say Goodbye
; SS501 – U R Man
; Kim Jong Kook – Today More Than Yesterday
; KARA – Pretty Girl COMEBACK
; Eun Ji Won – Dangerous
; 2PM – Only You Christmas Remix

Why do I have to leave when Music Bank is so nice and why do I have to stay when Music Bank is so crappy?

Luckily I won’t miss December 12’s, because when I come back it will be Monday. Then Tuesday 11.20pm got repeat of December 12’s 😀 Got Jonghyun singing solo omgomgomg I’m going crazy.

2. MinHo’s Showbiz Extra Monologue

Sickening la! I love to watch their monologues seriously. It makes me feel that joining Choir in Primary School wasn’t a bad choice =_= but I have to miss Minho’s.. sorry..

3. 6-7 days of JKHits

And there’s A.Mi.Go and Wrong Number recently.. Wrong timing to go overseas.

4. Wednesday K-Chart

A.Mi.Go is still on the charts, but I can’t watch it because I’m away ugh.

And most importantly…

5. When I’m at Korea for my birthday (25DEC), SHINee is away at Taiwan promoting their album..

HAis, why can’t they promote sometime later? You know you are not in the same country as them, it’s very irritating leh 😦 Not breathing the same air. Not in Korea for my birthday somemore 😦 I sad liao.

Anymore to add on..? Haiz I sad already.


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