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Did I mention before my question came out in Pops In Seoul? Wahaha.

“Tell me more about Kim Jong-hyun of SHINee.”

Before that I already checked the website and I was so happy to see that AMIGO will be played ;P

Then when I watched I saw that question. I was like…

EH ISN’T THAT MY QUESTION OMGGG!@!! Then I chiong-ed to the website and check. Only ‘Fruitee’ had such a question.

So frigging lucky. Must ask more next time.

& Korea trip should be up by tomorrow ;o If I manage to finish uploading all my videos today πŸ˜›



Whatever happened to me?

In 6/6, I talked a lot. One of those who couldn’t stand loneliness/being quiet. Talked too much for my own good. I laughed, and had fun.

But recently, I like to take the bus alone, sit alone and away from the crowd. I realised I preferred being like this and it’s really comforting to be alone. Nobody wlil disturb you in your “train of thoughts”. Nobody will give an opinion on whatever you do.

I LIKE BEING ALONE AT TIMES! Not everyday though.. At least have some close friends yea? πŸ˜›


Been really busy so here’s just a short post on my Chinese New Year <.<

On Monday we went to Ah Ma’s house. Woohoo. Gambled gambled ;D And received a number of angpaos yay. And ❀ food. Plus I sneaked into the freaking NC16 movie as I said. It was rather funny and nice to watch leh! Love Matters ;D

Tuesday went Ah Zor’s(although she’s passed away) house to bai nian, then ate curry & the “hair-like thing”? Then we left. Woohoo, I carried a dog successfully man ;D

Then afternoon went home to rest, chiong-ed out some of my homework, then after that we went to Chusin’s house to play πŸ˜€ At night they had a finger-guessing game and then ChuSin got drunk I think hahaha. I didn’t play, was playing Poker with the rest ;P Hahaha ChongPeng become gambler sia!

And then today, we went to eat zi cha at Jalan Membina’s coffeeshop. Together with the others (ChuSin, Ah Ma etc)

Walao we’ve been meeting one another everyday XD Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m damn busy lar, tomorrow going for dinner with my family, then friday is finally free. And then on Saturday, we are going to KBox to celebrate ChongPeng’s 21st birthday and probably get some meal from ChongPeng πŸ˜€

Been really busy lor. Later need to chiong out my music assignment and my 3 chinese assignments. By 1am I should finish, and my stomach is hurting badly now so I shall head to the toilet D< Gotta stop accumulating my homework, been accumulating so much that it becomes a pile now.

Sorry for not blogging often, I don’t have the time during CNY 😦 Will blog more in the future, with longer and more detailed posts πŸ˜€

Btw, my Korea trip post is coming up already. Finished capping and everything, now just the uploading πŸ™‚ Will do it when I’m free! Serious!



Today had fun at Jiayi’s house πŸ˜€

AND I MANAGED TO SMUGGLE INTO A NC16 movie hahaha. Jack Neo’s Love Matters πŸ˜› Sad for Jack Neo la, he didn’t expect that rating I think.

The show was funny, I think it’s quite nice πŸ˜€ Better than Ah Long… =_=

I was like so scared throughout the entire movie that they will check my IC or something lor.

Oh yea, didn’t tell you how I smuggled in. Wenxin met her friend here who was watching The Wedding Game(9.40pm movie). Then it’s PG, so I went in using his ticket and then headed to where the others went πŸ˜€ Oh ya, I returned the ticket to him ^^

Fun fun fun~ Nice nice nice~ ;D

1 Feb Edit:

Wow.. forgot to mention about EVE. Went to Uncle’s house, had steamboat before going home to have steamboat again, hehehe.

Abalone & Sharkfin ftw ❀


ζŽθ€εΈˆ always goes “嬴了lor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” when we don’t bring our hoemwork or do anything LOL.


Omg it’s damn funny.

I should use it during Chinese New Year πŸ˜›



This is called sushi buffet πŸ˜›

I shall go do my homework liao. Haha. Bye! Gotta stop procrastinating.


Met up with my dears today πŸ˜€

You went to Macs so you wasted 45 minutes, and I had to go home sharp at 2 😦

Heard that I missed a lot of fun. Nevermind.. I shall wait for the next big event – Teachers’ Day! Spent only 10 minutes in Clementi Primary… Today everyone was allowed in, cool right!

I passed by the zebra crossing today. It was scary…


Forgot to add, today ζŽθ€εΈˆ was talking about charisma. She said that that person is not shuai, but there is something in him that makes him shuai. She asked if we came across such people.

Then I keep thinking, “FLAMING CHARISMA MINHO~ My name is Minho!” That extract from the SHINee World song hahah!


Yup, I have come across people who have real charisma, hoho!