Went to school this morning and sat beside a random person XD

Wahaha. Then went to class, left our bags, teacher did some stuff before we went to the hall to gather. Then we went to do some station games at the basketball court and I had fun throwing balls at people.

Then went foyer. Gorilla become smiley face hahaha. Okay my throat was hoarse from all that screaming laaa.

Went hall, then finally went recess. Oh ya, the SC in the morning was being random. “This book is good, go buy” and.. “Does anyone know what radio station is this?” =_=

Recess had pink dolphin. Got together with QianQian&DarrenLim&KayVin&ZhiXun during recess again XD

Then went back to class for more stuff. Learnt the school song today 😛 And mass dance. And then yes, I have to go through my Choir audition and IF i’m not successful, I have to join a UG.

Looks like my fate is sealed. I hope I pass my Choir audition.


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