Campfire was pretty great 😀 Made a number of new friends lor. Like LingSheng, Estelle, Xinyi? Bleah.

Siyuan(however you spell it heheh) is damn hyper la, together with Hilary(however u spell it :P)

Okay so we kind of like gathered in the morning. Then had breakfast with PSLs.. ya. Got treated again 😀

Practised for dance item. We did Lollipop by Mika, holding a lollipop hahaha. Think Waikit treated us? Lalala.

Then did our red carpet performance. I’ll tell you that we missed out the first part because we couldn’t hear the music. but it got on in the end 😀

Umm then I think we went for lunch, then for our fitness race. Both Waiyun & Zann got 2nd, way to go man! 😀

&ya, they are both good at running ^^

Then went for dinner. Practised for the campfire performance and yay, we went for the campfire!

The scouts lit up this thing and created a fireball that went down this string. But oooops, some of the fire dropped to the grass! Luckily, the scouts saved the day by putting the fire out hahaha.

Then the VP opened the day, and we started performing!

We did We’re all in this together by HSM lalala.

Waiyun&Siyuan(how to spell?) and Kayvin&Vanessa paired up to do the ballroom solo dance, haha!

Then all the classes did our own performances, heheheeeeeeee. And yeah, everyone was cheering and going crazy when the ballroom dance came on. We’re all in this together!!!!!!

C-R-A-B. Crab. Got two eyes, two pincer, two leg, and live in the ocean. WAKE UP!!! HAHAHA ZHIXUN!!!

Cang wo men get high~! WOohoo, everyone did get high! 😀 Looks like our batch is pretty enthu? Yea Yea Yea 😀

Then after the campfire, we went to bathe. Seriously long queue, and I waited very long for the shower one cos ya.. I didn’t like public toilets that much =_= And gosh, the queue extended all the way to the staircase but eventually they all left. And I managed to bathe in 2 minutes and run out immediately! Sadly, I dunno how to off the tap =_=

But the PSL helped me! Woohoo. Thanks eh!

Then ran back to the hall because lights out soon. Then packed my stuff and went to sleep. Tossed and turned around, talked to Xinyi before I finally dozed off lor. Gosh, the hall flooring is damnnnnn hard la. And LingSheng was sleeping in comfort because she had a mattress and her sleeping bag was a pillow =_=

I woke up in the middle of the night, and it was like sooo quiet cos everyone was sleeping. I wanted to go around the classrooms and see ppl’s sleeping pattern but I decided against the idea because it was like very late.. and ya. :X Then went back to sleep.

LingSheng woke me up at 5am. Then went to brush teeth, tie hair, change shoes and packed my sleeping bag.

Then we went for breakfast. ChocolateCake+YamCake+CurryPuff+Apple+PacketOfMilo = Breakfast. I know, a lot of things =_= Finished all of it except half of the Yam Cake.

Had morning assembly and went for our sports trails XD

I screwed up every. Firstly Volleyball, then Wushu, followed by Athletics, Badminton, Netball and TableTennis. Ya. I suck in sports D<

So.. it’s still UG for me la.

Bleh. Then went Infocomm Club’s thingy (didn’t do cos appeal student) and then some ppl went to Mindsports’s. Then I changed 😀 And we gathered at the hall.

We saw pictures of what we did during our orientation, as well as prize presentation to the top 3 classes with the most scores 😀 Congrats to you all guys!

Alright, that’s about all. I don’t want to make this a WOT ;O


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