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Stop making use of me.

Okayz, today had NCC. PE ran 4 rounds and NCC ran another 6 rounds on the outer circle. And wth I was performing like shit today because I had stitch la walao. I hardly get stitches then now to deal with stitches was very difficult for me lo. But I endured it through and weeeeeeeeeeee I succeededd.

Then started on drills again. My legs are going to crack after 10 rounds today and uhum, doing squats and squats and lunges and lunges Hahahaha

Whilst filming in Macau, he lost about 8kg but has now regained 2kg back.

Skinny ass 😦
Do I look like someone who can be made use of? Sorry, I’m not a fool.


Mr Teo never come

Today was a happy day. In the morning, Li Lao Shi said that there will be no remedial today (which means that I can go make payment and SLEEP in the afternoon)

Subsequently during Science lesson, we found out that Mr Teo was not ehre today so we could spend that 1 hour doing some good productive work and finished 2 of my assignments! 😀

So ya, I came home to sleep about 3 hours and 15 minutes? To pay up for the 2.30am sleep I had last night. Which means… I total slept about 6.5 hours. Hahaha. Should be fine tomorrow already, provided I sleep early today.

Okay, I’m going to go eat dinner liao. Later will add on more? Maybe.. I’m always so lazy. Haha. And I gotta do my assignments later okay! 😛

The Enhanced NCC Experience

I freaking kept a record of every brochure and magazine or stuff about the school that every school has given to me so far (yes, even Clementi Wood’s bag :D)

Every school, I kept them all. Was browsing through my seniors’ blogs and I suddenly remembered that I received something that I tossed aside…


I remember this was given to me during the Captains’ Ball tournament when we were rooting for Darren Lim/Kay Vin/Kim Yao/Wei Jie/Gordon/who else?’s group. We were facing them and they just threw this booklets about because no one gave a damn about NCC (they were still saying, “so many extras, why everyone don’t want”). Who would actually join NCC anyway?

To us, UGs were dumb. Then it came together with the Clementi Woods recycling bag and everyone just tossed this booklet into the bag. Just now, I suddenly remembered that I received something related to NCC and to my shock I uncovered this booklet. Thanks to the Fuhua Sec School file, I have managed to keep a record of every single booklet/brochure/paper 😛

Maybe it was fate afterall, asking me to join NCC. Afterall, why not SJAB, NPCC, Girl Guides but a NCC booklet?
Lol. NCC must be really rich in Singapore la. Free booklet sia, nice material somemore. OH wellz, I shall read up on it after I finish my homework & bathe. I did not bother last time, but since it’s related to me now, maybe I could give a little damn afterall XD

Yes, I have not finished my homework :X And omg I still need to read my 西游记.

Earth Hour 2009

Apparently it’s Earth hour now (2030h to 2130h)

And no one gives a damn, hoho! Proven by this picture…


Picture taken at 8.52pm of the block of flats outside my house.. and of course, I’m one of them who doesn’t give a damn too XD

I’m such a nice person laa. Hahaha.

I am so fickle

Despite my profile saying that I hate fickle people, I am also too fickle to be true T_T

My first love was Wonder Girls who brought me to KPop.

Then it went on to SHINee. They gave me an absolutely great dream 😀 SHINee, must comeback soon, I miss you all as a group so much already. Schoolwork is so busy and there’s nothing to keep me entertained nowadays without your shows, interviews and most importantly, performances T_T Performances always wake me up after a long tired day after watching how tired my darlings are, because it makes me feel that all of us are on the same boat :} Makes me happy.

And now I’m on to SS501 T_T I shall try not to buy any of their albums because I am damn fickle and my love will just change anytime. But.. I shall still wait for the comebacks of SHINee and Wonder Girls(they ran away to America because JYP told them to do so -_- so now I have no more Korean songs from Wonder Girls to listen to. So sad, the top 3 most played songs in my iTunes are all from Wonder Girls lol.)

Comeback from SS501 is in June, but they’re going to Japan first. I hate it when artists concentrate on their Japan activities.. it’s not like they’re very popular there :X Still release album somemore. And it makes me feel like I’m listening to JPop, don’t like T_T Shall still love them for now though.. Thanks to HyunJoong my love for SS501 developed. Or rather, Boys Over Flowers made me like HyunJoong too. It’s all connected!

At the end of August, we suggested going to Korea. Everyday I would bug my parents to ask if we were really going to Korea. Until one day it was confirmed (quite late, it was already November) and then we rushed to buy our winter clothing in case they were going to stop seeling any moment. The 8 days in Korea were truly one of the most important highlights of my life up till now. Going from shop to shop hearing familiar KPop songs and singing along like crazy people, not daring to do any Korean singers dance in Korea because you were afraid people would think it’s very ugly since they’re very familiar with it.. Oh well.. KOREA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now my life is mostly revolving around KPop and most Korean stuff don’t you realise? Boys Over Flowers also… music also.. even my MSN display name, personal message. Seems like Korea is teh perfect place for me to live in if not for the food :X


I started linking to everywhere, learnt from Popseoul LOL!!!!! His articles are always very insulting but it’s damn funny!~ Even though Popseoul always insult my dear Hyunjoong & SHINee, I still enjoy reading it cos it’s really damn funny, and Popseoul is not biased (he doesn’t enjoy bashing one particular group unlike ShenYuePop, who bashes SNSD in every article possible XD)

Oh well, shall go do my assignments now. Bye!

PT is hell.

Omg today had NCC PT (I know I skipped the rest of the day)

And it was freaking 4 sets T_T At the end of the 3rd set I was so fricking happy until they told us to go to resting position and I was like sian-ed cos that means that there will be another set of jumping packs, tabletop, pumping and crunches -.-

I’m so fricking tired la.. We did…

80+70+60+50+20=280 jumping jacks, extra 20 cos some of us didn’t shout T_T
25+20+15+10=70 pumpings, it seems little but well it’s a killer for me.
Tabletop was rather easy cos Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is damn short hahaha.
Forgot the number of crunches, but it wasn’t a lot 😀 The jumping jacks were the killers.

So many Part As fell out, I am damn proud to announce that I was one of the 5 who remained! Together with Jia Wei, Yen Ting, Ann Qing, who else? XD But I keep doing chicken wing lol & my crunches nvr really do properly 😦

Oh well I think I just gained every ‘fat’ I lost today by eating curry chicken set and ice blended for dinner -.- Donno so tired for what use sia. Manzxzxzx, I really need to control. In Primary 6 I controlled myself like hell sia. This one cannot drink, that one cannot eat. Still gain weight. NOW I’M EATING LIKE A pig and I don’t care about everything, wonder how’s my weight gain already -.-

I hope I’m nowhere near 43kg. BOOOOO I feel so freaking fat. NCC make me fatter, cos come back from activity, being tired = think that lose a lot of weight = eat a lot and stuff myself with everything I can find. Wins.

& my marching is horrible. My hand was like trembling… soo tired liao. & I freaking hate insensitive people sia.

Edit: My knee cap is fricking fricking pain cos the skin fricking peeled and it’s very ouch 😦 It looks like it’s damn small but it’s sooo stinging that I wanted to scream in the bathroom. Yes, whatever, I didn’t expect it to be so pain until I started splashing water so I didn’t wrap it with a plastic bag or anything -.-


Today my sister rang me up in class and then she told me to go to Anchorpoint for some reason. Then I missed Dover Stn -.- And when I got to Anchorpoint, I realised it’s at Alexandra Road.

I realised I can just like walk there you know?!?! LOL!

Okay so I was wearing my school uniform all the way till 11pm+. Classic. It’s like I have PE today and how long did I not bathe huh?

And now I’m done with my homework so I’m going to sleep 😀 Bye. Tomorrow has CCA… tiring?