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Boys Over Flowers


My sister ran into the room telling me that she saw Lee Minho (a.k.a Gu Junpyo?) on Channel U.

And said that the show was going to broadcast in May (Boys Over Flowers)

WTHWTHWTH after I finish the ending on KBSWorld it will start rightaway on Channel U hahaha.

I can’t wait omgomgomg then the whole class will seriously be discussing about Boys Over Flowers liao hehehe.


and now I shall go back to my filing. Bleh I just recovered frmo my flu and my sore throat is still there :(:(:(



Huiping shall follow the footsteps of…

her previous year.

I alr deleted MSN so I will be going on Hiatus on my blog too XD
My blog hits will definitely drop and I will monitor then as they go from 40…to 20…. to 15…. to 10 and finally to 5 everyday LOL

Will be back after my MYEs which will be around middle of May?

I really must buck up sia. 3.2 GPA is not enoughhhhhhhhhh for a Year1!!!

Chinese chinese chinese..
Will miss you all πŸ˜€


Yesterday night went to Bedok to eat and returned home at around 1.30am++? :\

Then I couldn’t do any problem sums cos my brain was switching off so I went to sleep with only 2 assignments done gosh.

Today is a chiong chiong day. Wish me good luck on completing everything by today night :D:D

And sucks the CID thing lol. Makes me feel very guilty because the term assessment is just next week and I’m afraid we won’t do well for our launching 😦 I’m really sorry to teh 3 of you it’s all my fault you were not able to launch on Friday and will not be able to do improvements and only do your first launch on Friday during the assessment :(:(:(

I’m rly rly sorry but oh well time just can’t be turned back anymore.
I bet the Jianbao later is going to suck my life like crazy because I have to write like 900 words while some other classes like uhum 1F/1K does not have jianbaos that often and erhem some classes that the same Chinese teacher is teaching like erhem 1E only needs to write 300 for some and 600 for some.

For all you know my school is not the one getting the stress but in fact it’s only the elite classes. Afterall everyone is selfish and who would bother to keep grooming some horses tt will nvr nvr be able to go to horse tracks??

If you get what I mean and it applies to you then no offence but in fact I’m not supposed to be a good horse, cos I’m just a bad horse amidst all the good horses and people see me and just treat me as a good horse.

Oh well I can say thanks so much but I totally don’t like the stress and assignments that we’re getting for the week because I have barely started on my revision.

Omg will I be able to maintain a 3.2 GPA or not? Chinese and History is going to pull me down as usual, my geography dropped to a B4 from an A2 and there are possibly no more subjects to be able to pull me up anymore.

Am not surprised if I just get 2.x, but hello I’m Year1 and I shouldn’t be receiving such sucky scores, bleh.

HuiPing jiayou and you must improve on your results!

Can’t sleep!!

I feel so horrible now. Cos it was damn tiring after act and then now I’m feeling very tired and my eyes are like shutting and bleh.

Which is caused by after sleeping from 9pm to 10pm (and I missed gang gang hao one hour of Pops in Seoul screw it)

After I was woken up by the bloody hot weather (and a sticky neck) I went to wash up immediately. And I just can’t wake up now. Dang. My eyes just shut and I have to force it open 😦

Then I went out and attempted to sleep again before I Found ymself running into the aircon room again thanks to the hot hot hot and humid weather today. wth.

And then I put my head on my table but it came up even after barely 5 mins. Dang.

It’s like you’re soooooo tired tired but you are unable to sleep!!! And I don’t want to sleep that early tonight leh… Or else tomorrow nid to madness chiong 😦

Maybe I’ll complete some assignments and I’ll sleep at 11pm. But still that’s very early zomg.

(: Feel better


Feel a lot better now (:

Love all of you.
I’ll harbour the cost for the new rocket if need be, so don’t worry Darryl and Amanda.

I caused this problem so I will be responsible for this.

I’m so screwed

And I really feel like bursting out in tears now.

Oh well, I’m really sorry to all those parties who are implicated in this. It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault.

Well, long story. Let’s see, where do I start from? Okay let’s start by introducing my locker.
My locker number’s 269, and it’s just directly outside staff room, quite far from my classroom yes.

Well, there was this locker 264 just beside mine. And yes, of course it’s not mine. Hmm, it’s empty! And it can be opened! Oh well, shall just put my stuff inside :} I placed my rocket in there, with all the parts. Then everyday I would check whether it’s still there by just pulling down the padlock (afterall, it doesn’t require a number to pull it apart..)

This morning I got the worst shock of my life. The lock wouldn’t open! I pulled it in every weay I could and finally gave up, I called the trading company. They were not allowed to disclose the locker code, definitely. So my things were stuck inside, and I didn’t knwo what to do at all. I was so damn stressed and worried.

The locker company directed me to look for the General Office and once again they couldn’t help me, and I was suspected of being teh one to steal the dictionary(because a dictionary went missinog from the locker – and yes, you are right. someone owns that locker) and thus I had to put down my contact number, name and class and they wlil get back at me. And they said they changed the lock yesterday, but at the same time, nothing was inside at that point in time.

Does it mean our rocket is gone? Yes. Does it mean that we will never see our rocket again? Yes.

LingSheng suggested buying the rocket parts all over again but will they arrive tomorrow? No.

Tomorrow CID, I’ll probably die, with 0 rocket parts and nothing related to the rocket.


I expect to hear that already. But, what will Darryl, Amanda and LingSheng do? Stone? It’s all my fault. Sorry to the 3 of you, it’s all my fault. I’m sorry for wasting your trash bags, your strings, your tapes, your time and effort and everything spent on the rocket. I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault.

I promise I’ll solve the problem.

Any seniors got rocket to borrow/give my group? 😦
Ah.. I’ll sleep this away. If only the problem will be solved the moment I wake up 😦 Sadly this won’t happen.

If only. Yes, if only I didn’t put it in that locker. Why couldn’t I just put it in my locker? I had been putting it in my locker and why did I suddenly change over and put it in the locker that is causing me so much trouble.

If only there was a Yoon Jihoo in my life who could help me solve every problem I have, every difficulty or obstacle I face, and help me through everything.

And… to (you know who you are), thanks for cheering me up. Or else, I don’t really know what I’ll be doing right now. For the past month you’ve been helping me endlessly be it academically or anywhere, without expecting anything in return. Thanks so much… really… 😦

This post is making me so depressed. I think I need a break from all this crap. And I still have a lot of homework left.

Huiping, survive through this.
The first one.

Edit: And I just realised that I didn’t bring my Bijiben home.
Was I so depressed just now that I had forgotten to…?

😦 Why am I so screwed today?
It’s not my day…


I rly rly rly need to kill my sister for screwing up the connection because I typed a post already and then it didn’t save to Drafts cos of some internet problem. Then when I published post there was an error and when I pressed back the whole post wasn’t there anymore. Dang it!!!!!!!

Anyway, today had NCC. Tiring tiring tiringgggggg, cos we learnt a new drill and we couldn’t perfect it so was feeling all dumb.

And sorry to my platoonmates if I just laugh…sorry for sabo-ing you…but I just can’t control it..I laugh even over the smallest things like a flower petal drop to the floor. Call me stupid or what but I don’t know why I just smile and laugh too much…

Okay, have to do a lot of homework and screw my No.4. Need to put amulet, wash(NEED TO WASH OR NOT?) then need to put starch and omgggg. So busy.

Ok I need to settlee my homework first, and later I shall watch BOF despite my busy schedule πŸ˜€ bye~